Losing A Partner, But Friend Forever

Terry Tush is leaving Go Pokes, but his contributions have been immeasurable as a talented writer, technical wizard, and a friend to all who came by this Cowboys sports site.

Most partnerships, or at least many of them end on less than desirable terms. Not here, Terry Tush is the best partner I have had with the exception of my wife. Terry would likely agree with me, and many others, that my wife is a saint. Terry is the definition of a good partner. His strengths matched up with my weaknesses, and hopefully, he would agree that my strengths helped with his weaknesses. In a partner, I most value honesty and loyalty and Terry was both of those. Whether, he was technically in charge as the publisher or later when I was, we looked at it as two partners and made our decisions that way.

As subscribers of Go Pokes you had to appreciate the work that Terry put in to keep you informed, made sure you were getting your subscription and all that you deserved, and that he cared about the customers of this site, and in previous years, the magazine.

I know that this may be the end of a partnership, but the friendship will endure and I am so proud of the work Terry is doing in the Spears School of Business as they get ready to finish that beautiful new building.

Terry Tush will be impossible to replace, but we will try and I will urge you to be patient as we welcome back a familiar face and welcome a new face to Go Pokes.

Zach Lancaster and Anna Marie Ahrberg are joining us.

Anna Marie was here in the 2015-16 school year and after spending time in Texas working in television news and doing an excellent job, she has come back to Oklahoma in corporate communications and wants to keep her hand in sports coverage. She should, her dad, Bill, is a former walk-on football player at Oklahoma State. Her brother-in-law is former OSU and Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl winning tight end Billy Bajema. Her fiance' is former Oklahoma State cowboy back Jeremy Seaton.

Zach works with us at Triple Play Sports Radio and is a very intelligent technical help that also has a good sports mind. Zach is a go getter and I am really looking forward to his contributions.

Terry, we will miss you greatly and from me, you have my eternal thanks for being a fantastic partner at Go Pokes! 

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