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Freeze Fires Back at Gundy's Comments

Hugh Freeze had the opportunity and chose to fire back at Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy's comments on the Ole Miss NCAA investigation and allegation and how it was to play a team accused of cheating in the Sugar Bowl.

If you were a head coach at a Power Five school facing the list of allegations from the NCAA that Ole Miss head football coach Hugh Freeze is then maybe you would be keeping a lower profile until this case is finished and the decision final. The NCAA Committee on Infractions has charged the Rebels with 21 allegations, many very serious, including two of the most dreaded charges, lack of institutional control, and for Freeze specifically, failure to monitor his staff and promote an attitude of compliance. 

Over the weekend in a column appearing in The Tulsa World, Gundy expressed regret that his team had to play an Ole Miss team that allegedly had some players who were either given illegal extra benefits as players or as prospects when they were being recruited. 

"The second thing was the Sugar Bowl and my players and what they went through,” Gundy told columnist Bill Haisten. "Apparently, we didn’t all play by the same rules. If everybody is playing by the rules and you get your butt kicked, that’s OK. I can live with that. But when it’s an uneven playing field, that’s not fair.

"We’ll never know what we could have done in the Sugar Bowl if it was a level playing field,” Gundy continued on the 48-20 loss in the 2016 Sugar Bowl. “That is the truth. I’m not sure we would have won the Sugar Bowl, but we’ll never know.”

Freeze's response was brief, but to the point.

"Maybe we can meet in another Sugar Bowl and see how that one goes too," Freeze told reporters. 

As ESPN college football reporter Brett McMurphy later wrote on Twitter, "If so, it won't be this season."

Regardless, of the punishment the NCAA hands out to Ole Miss, the school has already self-imposed a ban on post-season play this upcoming season.

Freeze also said he is not concerned about all the discussion in the media of whether he should keep his job or not. Many high caliber college football reporters have suggested Freeze won't keep his job. 

He said, (I'm) "not really concerned (about that).

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