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Vincent Taylor Combine Review

Oklahoma State DT, Vincent Taylor, participated in the NFL Combine today.

Taylor was 6’2” 5/8 and 304lbs, with 34” and 3/8 arms and over 10” hands. Good numbers and the arm length is very good for a DT and in the top 10 for this tackle class. Vincent Taylor was called “An average looking DT, without a great base” by the scout I talked with. In the testing and time drills Taylor had a very solid showing, finishing in the top 10 for all defensive tackles in the 40, broad jump, vertical, and bench press.


His bench was in the top 5 for all tackles with 26, a good number, but something that he could maybe improve on at the pro day. His 40 time was a 5.07, close to the 5.00 mark that 300lbs guys need to hit. His 10 yard split of 1.77 was on par with most of the other DT’s, both are good numbers. Taylor jumped 9’0” in the broad an average number for a 300 pounders and jumped 28.5” in the vertical, a pretty good number for him. “I thought he would do ok, but not light it up. (Talking about running and jumping) He was good on the bench, but I thought he would have done 30+” a scout said regarding the testing.


On the field Taylor was good not great in just about every drill. The shuffle drill showed that Taylor has quick feet, but got a little sloppy and off base towards the end, but moved very fast for his size. He did very well in the step over, run through “He kept his eyes up as good as any other DT, moved pretty fast and was somewhat fluid” a scout said. I was told he did well in the drop and rip, showing quick hands and feet. The react drill, where the player runs toward a coach until that coach points in a direction and the player has to turn and run, he moved fast enough, but was a little sloppy in changing direction. His second run through the drill was much cleaner and looked very good.


The combine was a win for Taylor, but not to the same level it was for Chris Carson. The 2017 defensive tackle class is much softer than it usually is and that should benefit Taylor. “This class is lacking that top and middle talent we see most years. I think Taylor will get pushed up some because of that, but we saw some small school guys really step up today and shine. Vincent looked pretty good, but didn’t separate, didn’t look like a 1st round athlete, but had an alright day. He showed his pass rush quick feet that we saw on tape, but his frame may be a problem against the run, no bubble butt. We look at him as a 3rd down 3 tech kind of a pass rushing tackle and I think he’ll be a specialty guy his first year or so.” a scout told me. Taylor helped himself today, but a few guys most people had below him outperformed him today. He also failed to outperform some of the guys most have just a little ahead of him. Taylor is probably a top 10 DT in this draft and most people think he’s a 4th maybe 3rd round guy. Some of the tackles most people have ahead of him in their rankings did not work out today, so their pro days will have an effect on his draft stock.


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