Nike Regional Allows Us to Talk to New Commit

Tuttle's Hunter Anthony became the first offensive line commit for the Cowboys in the 2018 class last Thursday and on Sunday he was showing up and competing in the Nike Opening Regional in Frisco, Texas. Go Pokes caught up with him.

Tuttle's Hunter Anthony showed me his test card at The Ford Center at The Star on Sunday and he measured 6-7, 226 pounds and the folks at The Nike Opening Regional don't estimate or round up or down. That is one big young man from Tuttle, Okla. that has committed to the Cowboys. Anthony admitted his 40 time wasn't great, but he was strong in the shuttle and good in both power ball and the vertical jump. Forties aren't a real make or break event for offensive linemen. 

Watching Anthony in drills he does not back down from anybody and he wants to please so much that he sometimes does more than asked. It got him called out, in a good way, during pass pro work outside in the rain in Frisco on Sunday.

Anthony is excited and he really hit it off with fellow Tuttle Tiger and now Oklahoma State offensive line coach Josh Henson.

"It's always good to know another Tiger," Anthony said. "I've also known Coach McEndoo a long time and like him."

Anthony was excited to talk about his commitment and what he looks forward to at Oklahoma State. He was very talkative with Go Pokes.  

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