OSU Pro Day: Combine Wanna-Invites Prove Something to NFL

17 Cowboys or former Cowboys worked out on Thursday in the West End Zone facility and the Sherman Smith Training Center for Oklahoma State Pro Day. C.J. Curry came back after playing his final season at Southeast Missouri State to participate in the Pro Day at Oklahoma State. 

The list was extensive with safety Jordan Sterns, wide receiver Jhajuan Seales, and tight end Blake Jarwin that felt slighted that they weren't invited last week to Indianapolis and Lucas Oil Stadium to show off at the NFL Scouting Combine. If they needed any reminder that they weren't able to go, standing with them, in support I will add, were the three NFL Combine attendees from OSU in running back Chris Carson, defensive tackle Vincent Taylor, and, dressed in his combine warm-up cornerback Ashton Lampkin. In all, there were 17 Cowboys or former Cowboys that worked out on Thursday in the West End Zone facility and the Sherman Smith Training Center for Oklahoma State Pro Day. C.J. Curry came back after playing his final season at Southeast Missouri State to participate in the Pro Day at Oklahoma State. 

Besides Sterns, Jarwin, and Seales it would be fair to include linebacker Jordan Burton and offensive tackle Victor Salako in the group that could have been Combine invites as both earned some form of post season honors and were starters for multiple years for the Cowboys. The question is, how did they do?

It is safe to say in comparing what they did to the results at the combine and what these players did Thursday that Burton, running back Rennie Childs, Jarwin, safety Derrick Moncrief, definitely Jhajuan Seales, and Sterns all would have been happy with where they stood in Indy if they had performed the same way in Lucas Oil Stadium and on the NFL Network.

Seales was a freak as he measured 6-0.5, 206 pounds and ran two forties that we timed at 4.41 and 4.38, a vertical jump of 41.5 inches, broad jump of 10-feet and three-inches. Sterns was very solid with forty times of 4.55 and 4.6, a vertical of 36-inches, and a broad jump of 10-feet and one-inch. Burton ran 4.62 and 4.59 in the forty. Childs ran 4.51 and 4.52 in the forty.

The best on the bench press reps was defensive tackle Mote Maile with 27 reps of 225 pounds, offensive tackle Michael Wilson had 25 reps, Salako had 24 reps, and Jarwin had 21. Count Seales as impressive there too as he had 20 reps.

Of the combine attendees, none of the three did any other testing, just field drills, except for running back Chris Carson who did the vertical and made it pay off as he improved his combine result of 37 inches by jumping 39 in the Pro Day.

I was interested in the pair of Cowboy Backs with Jarwin and Zac Veatch because all the way to the end of last season, Veatch, the blocker of the two wasn't going to try to go to the next level. Interest from the NFL and some prodding by his teammate and fellow Cowboy Back pushed Veatch to get ready and he did well.

Veatch had forties of 4.85 and 4.88, 20 bench reps, and a nine foot broad jump.

In the end the two NFL tight end prospects said they pushed each other.

"I was in a slump, in a slump physically and mentally," Veatch said about the end of the season. Jaws (Jarwin) got me right. Coach Glass got me right. I stated listening to Jocko, a former Navy Seal that is a tough mental mindset kind of guy and once I got to listening to that I realized that I've been playing football all my life and I might as well be out there trying this."

"I jumped very well and I got 21 on my bench press and I thought I ran well on my last 40," Jarwin said. "Absolutely, I used not being invited to the combine as motivation and this is a great tight end class this season in the Draft. To see all those guys at the combine and then for me to get to come out here and compete with all those numbers in the back of my mind, sure it was motivation.

"I just kept working on him throughout the season and then after to get out here," Jarwin said of Veatch as the two worked together in Stillwater at the West End Zone to get ready. "He's a dog (hard worker), and I knew he'd be out here. You know he may not be the most athletic guy (Veatch is a former offensive linemen, which causes those kind of comments), but he is a player and you will get everything he has got. Just pull out some tape and watch him play. I give him credit for making me a more aggressive player. We locker next to each other and he has had a big influence on me as a player."

So much so that the last two players on the field working out were Jarwin and Veatch as the duo had scouts from several teams watching them deep snap. They had picked up on that from their position coach Jason McEndoo, who played in the NFL, and told them to work on it and show it off today because every skill, every way you can contribute will help.

So, who is the best deep snapper? No comment for now, but both are glad they had the other spurring them on for Pro Day. A pretty good Pro Day overall for the Cowboys. 

2017 Oklahoma State Pro Day Results (by player)

Name, Height, Weight, 40, Vertical, Broad Jump, 20-yard Shuttle, 60-yard Shuttle, Hand, Arm, Wing Span, Bench Press Reps

Devante Averette, LB: 5-11.1, 230 pounds, 4.75, NA, NA, 4.71, 11.71, 9 4/8, 34, NA, 20

Jordan Burton, LB: 6-02.3, 217, 4.59, NA, 10.2, 4.32, 11.55, 9 1/4, 30 1/8, 73 7/8, 13

Chris Carson, RB: Only did vertical and had 39-inches

Rennie Childs, RB, 5-10.3, 212, 4.51, NA, NA, 4.3, NA. 8 7/8, 29 1/4, 71 3/8, 20

Ben Grogan, PK: 6-00.4, 184, NA, NA, NA, NA, NA, 8 1/4, 29 3.4, 72 7/8, 14

Blake Jarwin, TE: 6-05.1, 246, 4.62, 36, 10.1, 4.22, 11.57, 9 7/8, 34 1/8, 81 7/8, 21

Ashton Lampkin, CB: 6-00.2, 187, Did Not Test

Motekiai, Maile, DT: 6-03, 329, 5.25, NA, NA, NA, NA, 9 3/4, 32 1/8, 78 5/8, 27

Keegan Metcalf, FB: 6-02, 215, 4.69, NA, 4.31, 12.4, 9 1/8, 29 5/8, 70 1/2, 18

Derrick Moncrief, Saf: 6-02, 215, 4.57, 36.5, 4.25, NA, 8 7/8, 31 3/8, 75 7/8, 16

Lenzy Pipkins, CB: 5-11.7, 196, 4.41, 33.5, NA, 4.28, 9, 31 1/4, 75 1/8, 11

Victor Salako, OT: 6-05.5, 316, 5.5, 23, 8.0, 5.0, NA, 9 3/8, 34 3/8, 81 3/4, 24

Jhajuan Seales, WR: 6-00.5, 206, 4.38, 41.5, 10.3, 4.25, 9, 31 1/2, 77 1/2, 20

Jordan Sterns, Saf: 5-11, 198, 4.55, 36, 10.1, NA, NA, 8 7/8, 31 7/8, 74 7/8, 15

Vincent Taylor, DT: 6-02.4, 299, Did Not Test

Zac Veatch, TE: 6-03.7, 253, 4.85, NA, 9.0, 4.65, NA, 9 1/8, 31 1/8, 75 5/8, 20

Michael Wilson, 6-06, 295, NA, NA, NA, NA, NA, 9, 30 5/8, 76 1/8, 25

C.J. Curry, WR: 6-01.5, 206, 4.72, NA, 9.0, 4.41, NA, 8 7/8, 32, 78 1/8, 10 


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