Chief is Moving to Admin

Oklahoma State football is losing a very valuable contributor in Matt "Chief" Davis, who is a long-time assistant and most recently the "Chief" equipment coordinator for OSU football. A lot of Cowboy football players owe The Chief because he made them look good and helped keep them safe.

I know this news and story comes at a time when so much else is up in arms with the sudden departure of head basketball coach Brad Underwood, but if we don't continue our caring and our salute to people for a job well done then we are not Oklahoma State Cowboys. Valuing people and the jobs they do and do well is the "Cowboy Way." 

Matt "The Chief" Davis, who may be better known for his role on Oklahoma State baseball broadcasts alongside play-by-play voice Rex Holt, is leaving the football program as "Chief" equipment coordinator (pun intended). He isn't going far as he will take over as facilities manager for the athletic department. 

I won't make this long because every word I write will be scrutinized by Chief and could come back to haunt me. Matt changed the way we see Oklahoma State football in that the new look debuted this year was the dream and goal of himself and his assistant, Justin Williams. Chief wanted a look that was pure Oklahoma State and he got it. Those uniforms are awesome. He has been doing that for some time. 

The greater contribution is that Matt Davis carried on a tradition of doing the most, going the extra mile, and taking all time and effort necessary to not only make sure Oklahoma State football players and coaches looked the part, looked as good as any team in Division I, but also that players were equipped as safely as possible. I can tell you that under Chief and Justin that OSU players avoided injuries because helmets and shoulder pads fit and players wear their equipment properly. 

A salute to Chief, one of the great Cowboys.

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