Dangerous Collision for Cowboys in Outfield

A very scary situation in Fort Worth as two Oklahoma State outfielders had a high impact collision in the outfield going for a fly ball.

In the sixth inning of Sunday's game at TCU, Oklahoma State Cowboys were injured in a collision in left-center field. A fly ball by TCU catcher Evan Skoug was coming down between leftfielder Jon Littell and centerfielder Garrett McCain. Littell appeared to make the catch as the two players collided. Later, while on the ground McCain reached over and grabbed the ball either on the ground or out of Littell's glove to throw it back towards the infield. The umpires ruled Skoug safe, but one TCU runner out as Skoug passed him on the bases. Another TCU runner scored on the play to give the Frogs a 5-1 lead. 

Littell seemed to get the worst of the collision and was taken out of the game and put into concussion protocol and reportedly had significant bleeding from the mouth. McCain stayed in the game despite being obviously shaken up. 

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