Here Comes Cobb Just in the Nick of Time

The Cowboys are a beat up baseball team with several players nursing injuries, but the good news is senior pitcher and team leader Trey Cobb is back after being out since the start of the season and he is set to jump in as the closer.

One of the most asked questions among Oklahoma State baseball fans all season, make that all fall and preseason too, was when will Trey Cobb be able to pitch. The answer is now. Cobb is set to go this weekend for the West Virginia series and if the game hadn't been cancelled on Tuesday against Wichita State, Cobb was scheduled to see some work in that contest. The Oklahoma State senior that finished 4-7 last season, but also had a 3.09 ERA and six saves, including the Super Regional clincher at South Carolina and the 1-0 win over Arizona for the Cowboys second straight win to start the College World Series, had what he described to us as a broken bone that caused a lot of stuff (pain) in his arm.

At one-time it was suspected that Cobb might have to have Tommy John surgery and be done for the season, but after meeting with team orthopedic surgeon Dr. Matt Dumigan of McBride Orthopedics in Oklahoma City and consulting doctor Dr. John E. Conway of Fort Worth, the long-time team doctor of the Texas Rangers, the diagnosis with rest and inactivity followed by a patient and deliberate regimen to get back on the mound.

"I kind of got the benefits (mental) of having Tommy John surgery without having it, meaning I'm back in several months instead of being out 12 months or more," said Cobb. "I was always one of those guys that loved baseball and loved coming to the field, but we all have those days that where you don't want to practice or it's cold for a game and you think I'll pitch tomorrow when it's warmer, but having that taken away was devastating for awhile."

The Cowboys are 15-9 and have been involved in several games where a closer would have made the difference. There was one game for sure, maybe two last weekend with TCU. The pitching staff has 10 saves, but with Cobb ready that could improve. The senior right-hander said that pitching coach Rob Walton told him he would go in the closer role and initially would stay away from back-to-back outings going Friday and Sunday or Sunday and Tuesday. 

"I'm feeling confident and if I don't pitch well it won't be because I wasn't prepared or wasn't confident, but it will be because I didn't execute my pitch."

The fans are looking forward to seeing #25 back out on the hill. 

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