Give Gundy This, He's Absolutely Consistent

OSU head football coach Mike Gundy is better than many people might give him credit for in math, so might think he can't count because of the record on his team's Alamo Bowl rings. Count that 11-2 mark as Gundy math.

Remember last season, how Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy was always one game better in his stating of the Cowboys record than what was reflected in the media and on all official references from the NCAA, Big 12, and even through Oklahoma State's athletic media relations office. Gundy never swayed as he counted the loss against Central Michigan as a win. Oklahoma State led that game on the last play and a fourth down when Cowboys quarterback Mason Rudolph, on the coaching staff's instructions, held the ball and then threw it out of bounds after time expired on the clock. The MAC officiating crew incorrectly awarded Central Michigan an untimed down after the flag. The game by rule should have ended. On the untimed down Central Michigan successfully completed a "hail Mary" and scored to win the game 30-27. THe officiating crew and the Big 12 replay crew as well as both conference offices admitted to the error, but the result was left.

Mike Gundy never got over it and counted the game as a win all season. Gundy can't do anything about the official literature and record books that show Central Michigan won the game 30-27, but he was in charge of the design, or at least approving the design of the Cowboys Alamo Bowl rings and the side panel of the ring reflects his feeling that Oklahoma State finished 11-2, instead of the 10-3 that is reflected in all other references to the Oklahoma State record from 2017.

He is catching some grief from outside sources, but within the Cowboys camp, as you would imagine, everybody is right in line with the head coach. Ten years from now, certainly 20 years from now, it will be interesting to see how many people pick up on the 11-2 record on the ring and that official records will show a 10-3 record for the Pokes. 

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