Difference maker Q & A: Thomas Wright

Thomas Wright has started the heavy-hitting and has struck a little fear in opposing offenses. Who knows? Maybe the fumble he forced in Lincoln is credited to strength he gains courtesy of Chic-fil-A sandwiches...

You and a lot of the younger defensive backs played some valuable snaps last season as true freshmen.  Talk about the experience you gained last season:  It just got me more ready for things this season; things are kind of easier now.  I'm not as shaky about the things that I need to be doing now.  I feel more comfortable about being out on the field now. 


After this spring, you have really started to develop the reputation as a big hitter:  If I had to choose between making a big hit, and intercepting a pass, I would choose to make the hit.  That's how I play.


How are you able to hit ball carriers so hard at 185 pounds?  I guess head, shoulders, feet and toes!  I use all that I can. 


Thomas, you played so well this spring that the coaching staff moved a veteran player like Elbert Craig to weak safety to make room for you at free safety.  How do you see your role on this defense?  My role is very important.  I have to show by example that I can't let anybody down.


OSU has tremendous depth at safety.  How does this help the football team?  I have to play with confidence.  I can't slip up.  I've just got to play hard.  I'm glad that they are there; they always keep me on my toes.  It makes us all better players.


Give the fans your perspective of the 4-2-5 Defense:  It is based to stop the pass.  When we are in Cover 2, we can load the box, and stop the run.  It makes us a faster team with the five defensive backs on the field.  We are very mobile from sideline to sideline.  You really can't run around us.  We anticipate teams trying to run through us, but we still have the big men inside in this defense.  It is a good all-around defense.  I think it is a pretty good scheme.  It is fun for the Safeties for sure.


How do you like playing for coach Clay and coach Mallory?  They give me respect, and they give me every opportunity in the world to do what I am capable of doing.  I LOVE playing for them.  There isn't anything that they could ask of me that I would not do.  I just like playing for them.  They always show me what I need to do, and make it clear to us what they are counting on us to do.  They explain things to us instead of just yell at us and tell us we need to do this or do that.  They really work with us, and really SHOW us what they expect of us.  They really take the time to show us things that we need to do.


What would you label your greatest experience on the football field as a Cowboy?  Last week, when we played against Nebraska, and I made that guy fumble (Nebraska fullback Judd Davies).  I can easily say that that was my greatest moment so far.  Nebraska was cracking back on me, and I just couldn't take it any more.  I saw him (Davies) running up in the hole, and it was just me and him, and one of us had to lose…and I guess it was him.


Who are some of your best friends on the football team?  Fath' Carter, Robert Jones, and Elbert Craig.


What does Thomas Wright like to do off the football field?  Video games, watching T.V., and, I like to go out every now and then. 


What is your favorite place to eat in Stillwater?  I would say, definitely Chic-fil-A in the Student Union!




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