Wow! The Mothership (ESPN) Likes the Pokes

I can remember so many times where ESPN didn't seem to think OKlahoma State was very good, only to see the Cowboys win double digit games and go to a NY6 bowl game. Now, ESPN seems to be pointing the Pokes that way, albeit a little early. released a brand new "Way Too Early College Football Top 25" on Monday and apparently, the network that I like to call the "mothership" of sports reporting and news has a higher opinion than normal of the Cowboys. Oklahoma State has been in their previous "Way Too Early" polls in the teens but all of a sudden the Cowboys have rocketed up the ladder all the way to number six! Oklahoma State bolted ahead of Oklahoma and right on the verge of being included in an ESPN mythical top four and a spot in the ESPN mythical College Football Playoff. 

By the way, the Cowboys aren't the only OSU to move up as Ohio State must have also had a tremendous spring as the Buckeyes moved ahead of Alabama into the top spot in the poll.

Of course, this poll doesn't count for much and will be updated continuously all summer. A bad summer weight lifting session or a rumor of food poisoning on the summer training table could result in a free fall down the poll. 

Big 12 is getting loads of respect on the whole as Oklahoma is eighth, Kansas State had a good spring practice and rose to 18th, West Virginia has a new quarterback and is 20th. Texas is on the way back after a monster statistical day for quarterback Shane Buechele and they are 23rd.

Here is the full ESPN latest "Way Too Early" poll:

No. 1: Ohio State

No. 2: Florida State

No. 3: Alabama

No. 4: USC

No. 5: Penn State

No. 6: Oklahoma State

No. 7: Clemson

No. 8: Oklahoma

No. 9: Washington

No. 10: Auburn

No. 11:  Wisconsin

No. 12: LSU

No. 13: Georgia

No. 14: Michigan

No. 15: Miami

No. 16:  Stanford

No. 17: Louisville

No. 18: Kansas State

No. 19: South Florida

No. 20: West Virginia

No. 21: Florida

No. 22: Virginia Tech

No. 23: Texas

No. 24: Boise State

No. 25: Washington State

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