CBS College Coach Rankings Flawed

CBS Sports online has come out again with their top college football coaches poll and while Mike Gundy moved up the rankings, he is stuck behind one rival that he has no business being ranked behind.

I understand it is subjective and that my colleagues at CBS Sports online; Dennis Dodd, Ben Kercheval, Chip Patterson, Barton Simmons and Tom Fornelli; were all free to submit their polls how they saw fit. Of those colleagues, I know Dennis Dodd very well and Barton Simmons a little. The others I know only from reading some of their material. The college football head coach poll is a no brainer at the top and I would be surprised if it was not almost unanimous with Nick Saban on top, Urban Meyer at second or third on most ballots and Dabo Swinney taking the other position on ballots. It ended up with Meyer second and Swinney third. Jimbo Fisher fourth made sense. 

As for Michigan's Jim Harbaugh at fifth. Can anybody answer this question? How many conference championships has Jim Harbaugh won at the Division I level in his time as head coach at Stanford and Michigan? The answer is zero, zip, nada, none. Okay, if we are ranking coaches as travel agents or tour guides then Harbaugh jumps right up to the top, but while Michigan is improved and Harbaugh helped lay the groundwork for a strong showing for the Cardinal under David Shaw (8th in the poll), I'm not sure he has put himself in the top 10. I have a hard time believing even the improvement shown at one blueblood football school and one borderline blueblood warrants that kind of ranking. 

Bob Stoops at six is fine. Chris Petersen at seven is okay, but maybe a little overrated. I'm fine with David Shaw at eight. Bill Snyder would be at five on my list. If we are looking at career standing and accomplishment then I know Dennis Dodd knows where K-State was when the miracle got it's start in Manhattan, but I'm not sure the other journalist at CBS Sports online are up to speed on just how many splinters there were in the old KSU Stadium that now goes by Bill Snyder Family Stadium. 

Okay, here is where the numbers have to come into play. I realize that Gary Patterson, ranked 10th, at TCU has been fun to watch. He has to tie and re-tie his shoes repeatedly during a game, kind of like batters re fastening their batting gloves at the plate. He sweats a lot and get really demonstrative during games. However, Patterson is 25-20 in Big 12 Conference games since entering the league. Sitting back in 12th in the rankings is Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy. Yes, this is Go Pokes, the Oklahoma State Scout site. Yes, my name is Robert Allen and I've covered Oklahoma State football, and in some capacity, Mike Gundy many of those years. I do know Gundy well and consider him a good friend. However, I like Gary Patterson and I have enjoyed my interviews and time with him. I think of him as a brilliant defensive football mind. I have been at every one of the head-to-head coaching matchups between Gundy and Patterson. 

2012: Oklahoma State 36 TCU 14 played in Stillwater

2013: Oklahoma State 24 TCU 10 played in Stillwater

2014: TCU 42 Oklahoma State 9 played in Fort Worth

2015: Oklahoma State 49 TCU 29 played in Stillwater

2016: Oklahoma State 31 TCU 6 played in Fort Worth

Sometimes, even the subjective has to open up and pay attention to the facts and be more objective. It makes the poll almost look comical. 

Michigan State's Mark Dantonio is at 11 in the poll and I can understand that more than Gary Patterson. Thank goodness that Gundy came in ahead of Bobby Petrino, but somebody told me that the five-member voting panel valued rattlesnake hunting as a better offseason hobby than motorcycle riding. I'm with you. Good call guys! 

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