Adamovic is A Show By Herself

Oklahoma State women's tennis is very entertaining, but the most entertaining player of all shows her emotions, delivers passion every time out and truly believes that her emotions not only fuel here but also fuel her teammates. There is no doubt that fans find it entertaining.

In the past week I have had two individuals both make almost identical statements to me about Cowgirls tennis senior Katarina Adamovic. One of the persons is an administrator in the Oklahoma State University athletic department and the other is a listener to my daily radio show that is also a huge OSU Cowgirls tennis fan. They both said that they were going to miss watching Katarina Adamovic play tennis at Oklahoma State. They cited not just her ability but also her fire, determination, passion for winning and the simple fact that watching Kat Adamovic play tennis is a show unto itself. Nothing against the other Cowgirls and especially the trio of seniors that head coach Chris Young will tell you have catapulted the program to the verge of winning a national championship and top 10 status in NCAA tennis. The Cowgirls are, in fact, the 9th seed in the tournament this year after finishing as the runner-up last year in Tulsa losing to Stanford in the finals.

Victoriya Lushkova rose to the face of the program and has been a three-time All-American. Her near six-foot height and blond hair with big groundstrokes brought her attention. Native of Spain, Carla Tur Mari is the 5-2 energizer bunny of a player that brings a lot of fire to the courts, but Adamovic never stops talking during her matches. She may be yelling at herself, may be grumbling at an opponent as it is not unusual for a little trash talk to break out, especially if Adamovic and her opponent have played before. Then she might even have a comment for a chair umpire from time to time. Adamovic; a native of Cacak, Serbia; is always going to wear her emotions on her sleeve and share it with the audience that can hear virtually every word of it, even if they can't make out every word.

The Cowgirls open up the NCAA Tournament at noon on Saturday with UMKC and it would be surprising and maybe even a first if the stands on Kat's court aren't the most crowded. She is the show. Unfortunately, if the show will only be in town for Saturday and with a win on Sunday before heading to Georgia for her last collegiate appearances.

Adamovic is 72-39 overall in singles play and in doubles is 90-22 all-time with last fall pairing with Vladica Babic. She also played once with Aliona Bolsova and once with Sofio Blanco before teams back up throughout the season with Lushkova. This season she is 18-6 in singles play and 21-5 in doubles. 

If you have never seen Adamovic play and you love passion in sports then you need to find your way to the Greenwood Tennis Center this weekend. 

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