Fox NFL Analyst & Draft Expert Says Big 12 OK

Charles Davis knows college football, NFL football, and the NFL Draft. We asked him if the Big 12 should be worried over the low number of draft picks out of the league this past NFL Draft. Davis also commented on the season ahead for Mike Gundy and the Cowboys.

"West Georgia had two players picked in the NFL Draft (this year) and Georgia had just one, so do you think Georgia is ready to pack up and close their program?"

That was one of the responses that Fox NFL Analyst and NFL Network Draft Expert Charles Davis had for me on my radio show on Triple Play Sports Network when I interviewed him on Wednesday and asked about the Big 12 and their woeful output of just 14 players selected in the NFL Draft and that even the "group of five conference" American Athletic Conference had 15 players chosen in the three-day event in Philadelphia. 

"When I was at Tennessee we had two straight years where there were no players in the program picked in the NFL and that was after a run of having at least one player selected in every year of the modern day draft since like 1960," Davis said. "There may have been a few people panicked, but we knew it was just the positioning and I think the year we broke out there were like seven players picked.

"The Big 12 has nothing to worry about. It's not like they have been passed by the American Athletic Conference, just like West Georgia, where one of my old teammates is the head coach, Go Wolves, hasn't passed Georgia and Kirby Smart," explained Davis. "Smart is just getting his program established and they will have a bunch of players picked just like the Big 12 will have a bunch of players picked. I think this next year will be a major year for the Big 12 in the draft."

Davis, who is now on the number two Fox Network NFL announce team, is excited to see what the Oklahoma State Cowboys will do. 

"You know I remember when getting to 10 wins with Oklahoma State football was special and now a season where they don't win 10 games is a drop off," Davis said as he experienced a number of the developmental years under Mike Gundy at Oklahoma State broadcasting Big 12 games and then broadcasting Oklahoma State games when he was part of the Fox Network Saturday night primetime college broadcast. "That shows you where Gundy has taken the program. I also had a chance to spend some time with Mason Rudolph last summer at the Manning Passing Academy. He is not just a special quarterback and football player, but he is a special person. I was very impressed with Mason.

"You know the standard in that conference is Oklahoma, but I think they feel and a lot of others feel they can challenge that this year," Davis concluded. "I know Oklahoma feels they will win it again, but they have had a noisy off-season, more than they would like and that can sometimes impact your season. I also know Oklahoma State is not shy about taking it to OU."

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