Gundy Explains Season Is In Player's Hands

While helping with the cause for OSU Coaches vs. Cancer at the golf fund raiser on Monday, Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy also talked some about the much anticipated upcoming season.

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy is like any other Division I head football coach in May, his hair may be a little longer than most, okay virtually every head coach, although I haven't seen Dana Holgorsen lately, but head coaches are campused or at least kept from joining their coaching staff out on the road recruiting. It is a crucial time as the evaluation period continues through the end of the month. June, at least the first 10 days for Oklahoma State, are locked into camps. The Cowboys will have the regular camps on campus. There is no three day camp anymore, two one-day camps for the older high school players. There is a special teams camp, a linemen only camp, and a youth camp. The staff will also be on the road in Texas for four camps on other campuses that will also include the likes of Kansas State, Tennessee, Arizona State, Utah State and Tulane. These are the satellite camps in Belton, San Antonio, Prairie View, and Houston in Texas. OKlahoma State and Gundy have also come up with a new one, a junior college camp. 

Following the camp season then the staff vacations begin before everybody reconvenes later in July to start work on the season. Gundy was discussing with us the anticipation of the upcoming season for Oklahoma State and he did not throw his veteran team under the bus by any means, but he did say that he made sure the players knew that this summer the ball was in their court. 

Quarterback Mason Rudolph is a Heisman Trophy candidate, but more than that to Rudolph he is the leader of an offense that has a chance to be a huge part of a successful solution to the equation of Oklahoma State winning a Big 12 Championship and earning a place in the College Football Playoff. Taylor Zarzour of SiriusXM College Sports Nation and co-host of the First Team with Greg McElroy announced on Monday that he was making his favorite college football player of this season Mason Rudolph.

Oklahoma State is preseason ranked as high as sixth on the ESPN "way too early" Top 25 and Athlons came out the other day with their top 25 and had the Cowboys 14th, but immediately ahead of OSU placed Texas 13th in a somewhat confusing move.

Gundy isn't commenting on all of that except to say it is very nice to have a veteran team.

"We will need to play well early and every few years we cycle and have an older team and that will be important because we do need to play well early," said the head coach.

Veteran teams also get it and tend to work hard and prepare well in the summer and that was Gundy's challenge to the team as they left for mostly time off and at home in May.

"We're back at mature quarterback and mature players on both sides of the ball so they should play well this year," he continued. "My message to them is that it up to you guys in June and July and the commitment that you make. We'll take care of you in August and then see if we can't make that run in October and November."

I don't know if there is any connection as Gundy's had 10-win teams on numerous occasions, but last season the Cowboys kept winning as Gundy's hair got longer, so maybe it's like Sampson and the coaching strength is in the hair. Naa, I don't think so, but if he wants to leave it, it doesn't bother me.  

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