Recruiting 2018: Redmond LIst Not Final

Some believe that Jalen Redmond may be the top prospect in Oklahoma in the 2018 recruiting class. There is no denying his talent and his recruiting process appears to be more fluid than we may have thought earlier this month. At least that is what he told us in Mustang on the final day of May.

MUSTANG -- There are many people that follow recruiting that feel Jalen Redmond is the top prospect in the state of Oklahoma in the 2018 football recruiting class and while it is usually impossible to narrow the list to one single prospect, I wouldn't disagree with Redmond if you were challenged to just give one name. Redmond is extremely athletic, strong, and he has an excellent motor, to say his energy level on the field is really high. I also feel like he is far from reaching his top potential. Since he came out of basketball and has less time in the sport I feel like he is going to keep improving in giant intervals for at least the next couple of seasons. He has a good attitude and always seems to have a smile on his face. 

I asked Redmond about his recruiting and did something I rarely do, I asked specifically about Oklahoma State. Early in May, Redmond had tweeted out a top six list of schools that had Arizona State, Kansas State, Memphis, Nebraska, Oklahoma and TCU. Today I asked him if that was the list and that Oklahoma State had been completely eliminated?

"Probably not, after I made that list, I ended up getting some more offers, some ones that I was waiting on," Redmond answered. "That was not final." 

So you are still considering some other schools?

"Yes sir," he replied.

While Oklahoma State may not be totally out of the picture, it's not exactly encouraging either. Redmond said he is not stuck on staying close to home and in fact, said he thinks it might be more likely, and in his opinion, better for him, if he leaves the state and goes away to school. You never know. Minds get changed a lot in recruiting, but I think Notre Dame and Nebraska should be in the conversation until the end. It is up to Oklahoma State to work their way into the conversation. What is clear is that the former hoops player that has a real strong ability to rush the passer (81 tackles and 16 sacks last season) is still working on the recruiting process. 

"I'm just trying to figure things out," Redmond said of the recruiting process. "No, you are just the second interview, but you feel like the fifth or the sixth cause it's draining me. I feel pretty good, though."

There will be many more interviews too. 

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