Cable Next Big OL from Bixby

Oklahoma State has a commitment from Bryce Bray in the 2018 class, but there may be a younger Spartan offensive lineman to keep an eye on in Colten Cable. In fact, he may be a chip off the old block from Bray.

MUSTANG -- There is no doubt that Oklahoma State offensive line coach Josh Henson quickly zeroed in on several in-state prospects when he came back to Stillwater to take over the offensive line coaching and recruiting duties back in February. The Cowboys had come up completely empty on high school offensive line prospects in the 2017 recruiting class and Henson knew he had work to do to catch up. One of the first commitments was Bixby's Bryce Bray, who has a championship pedigree and earned even more credibility in March when he went to Frisco and earned the offensive line MVP honor at Nike's The Opening Regional for Dallas. Henson has to like that. He may also think about spending more time at Bixby as Bryce Bray has honed his leadership qualities and part of that has been taking under his wing junior to be offensive lineman Colten Cable, a 2019 prospect. 

Going into the Mustang camp Cable was a player I had been alerted to by several coaches including my son, Zach Allen, who is now coaching the offensive line as the assistant head coach at NEO A&M Junior College. Cable is a 6-4, 265 pound prospect that actually reminds me a little of Bray a year ago when I watched him at the Mustang Team Camp. I think Cable may even be better and part of that may have to do with Bray's influence. 

"It is great to practice with those guys (he also has Josh Owens, a Tulsa commitment, there as a teammate) they help develop me as a lineman," Cable pointed out. "They help me with my technique and help me develop my skills."

Cable likes the attention right now as it is starting to pick up. I noticed several college coaches putting their eyes on him at Mustang.

"It's pretty exciting to have the recruiting process take off," Cable said. "I'm excited about that and excited about the season and showing what I am capable of."

It is still very early, but Cable seems to be a prospect that would just as soon stay in-state. When asked about his favorite schools he mentioned he has been a fan of OU and OSU. The OU came out quickly, but he was careful to put an emphasis on both by the end of the sentence. 

He will be fun to watch as Bixby works toward a fourth straight Class 6A-Division II Championship this season. 

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