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Rainy Sat., But OSU Baseball Had Rainbow

A cell phone with a familiar pair of broadcasters still led to the thoughts of sunshine through the rain in two different states. It's Cowboy baseball and there is always something good to remember.

It felt appropriate as I sat in heavy Saturday afternoon traffic on Central Expressway in Dallas waiting for Rex Holt and the Chief (Matt Davis) to come through my cell phone hooked up to the aux plug on the radio of my rental car. About the time Rex and the Chief began describing the action from Baum Stadium in Fayetteville, the traffic in Dallas began to part and I picked up speed on my way to Belton and the first of the Texas MegaCamp recruiting events. I have to admit, and this is a compliment to my friends, that if I can't be at an Oklahoma State game that I really enjoy listening to it on the radio. I enjoy it so much that during most of the Big 12 Tournament, I sat outside where the radio crew of the eighth-seeded team broadcast from during the tournament until the championship game. It's not a bad deal, the set-up outside is actually pretty good. 

Compliments aside, as I traveled down I-35E, the clouds gathered and it was so dark in Waco that the automatic lights had come on the interstate and at all the businesses that have them. The rain came down and the timing was not perfect, but certainly matched up with the accounts from Arkansas. Oral Roberts was doing it again as they jumped on starter Joe Lienhard and had themselves a five run inning. At a loss and needing to stop the bleeding on the scoreboard, pitching coach and still Wizard, Rob Walton, brought in Tyler Buffett, but the Golden Eagles greeted him with another "crooked number" according to Rex Holt as they put four on the board causing Walton to go get one of the Cowboys' fans favorites for one final time. 

It was over. I still listened all the way into Belton and right up until I got out of the car to go to work. As I sat there listening, running backs coach John Wozniak stopped and asked what I was listening to. I told him the game and he said they had been watching it on the bus. I'll always take Rex and the Chief over ESPN3. We both lamented the Pokes' situation and then remembered last week. 

I know that with Cowboy baseball the goal is always Omaha and the College World Series, but the CWS is harder to make than it was in the days of Gary Ward and Josh Holliday's dad, Tom. It caught up during Tom's years as head coach with the extra step of the best of three super regional. You have to be a little more realistic.

I will look back on this season and yes, I will remember the ending as I drove through the sheets of rain in central Texas, but I will always remember the clutch Bedlam performance and the Big 12 Tournament ride that this team pulled out of a season that was full of so many struggles, bad breaks, and injuries. Every team would like to be remembered for something, something good.

The 2017 Oklahoma State Cowboys found their diamond moment for a 10-day run in late May. The names of Garrett McCain, Colin Simpson, Ryan Cash, Carson Teel, Blake Battenfield, Joe Lienhard, and Tyler Buffett It was one heckuva moment even if the rain came back on the first weekend in June. 

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