Q & A with New Cowboys Commit Gabe Lemons

Gabe Lemons showed up for Oklahoma State's "The Show" camp and really performed well as he earned a scholarship offer and made his mind up pretty fast to accept and become part of the 2018 Oklahoma State recruiting class as a cornerback. We spoke with him on Triple Play Sports Radio on Wednesday to find out more about the Coppell standout, who is 6-2, 175 pounds and ran a 4.44 in the forty at the camp in Stillwater.

RA: I'm guessing you have been pretty happy the past week since the camp in Stillwater, the scholarship offer, and your committing to Oklahoma State?

Lemons: You are guessing 100 percent right. 

RA: Take us through the process, first, I've covered a lot of camps, camps in Texas, Nike camps, but as far as on campus camp at one school that is the best I've seen. Every player there could play college football at some level. Is that one of the best camps you have ever participated in?

Lemons: That is the best camp I have ever been to. The most fun, the most challenging. There were tons of great athletes out there that really pushed myself, made me work hard and I had a great time out there.

RA: What was your mindset because some of the players in the camp are highly-regarded and they are there to show out. I'll put you in the category of being a good player with good offers, but not one of the high-ranked recruits. What was your mindset?

Lemons: I was pretty confident going into that camp. I was confident in my ability and confident in what I was able to do. Honestly, all those stars and that recruiting stuff really doesn't effect me. There are a lot of things that go unseen that people don't really know about and I knew that even if people look at me as an underdog at that camp because I don't have four or five stars and 20 offers. Going into that camp I was confident that I was as good as anybody out there and I was one of the best players out there.

RA: Some of that could have been because of the forty you ran.

Lemons: The forty actually kind of surprise me. That was my first forty in almost a year. The fastest forty I ran before that I ran a 4.5 and my goal was to get a 4.4 and whenever I saw it, it wasn't too surprising because that was my goal, but being able to reach it was really exciting. 

RA: All the signs point at Oklahoma State to you covering receivers with your speed and athleticism, yet the numbers in high school at Coppell are almost entirely on the offensive side as a receiver.

Lemons: I'm very comfortable on both sides of the ball and last year, in all my years of playing football, was the first where I only played on the offensive side of the football. I've always been a two-way player as a receiver and safety as a freshman and then as a receiver and corner as a sophomore and then last year we had a lot of corners so they just had me playing receiver on offense.

RA: Why Oklahoma State? How familiar were you with OSU and why did you choose to commit?

Lemons: That campus, the first time I was on campus and the second I walked into that stadium and into that facility I was in love with everything. All the facilities there are amazing. I love the small town atmosphere and how everybody is all in it for the team. The coaches there, the entire staff, I feel care more about the person than the player and that really means a lot to me. I got a chance to meet some of the players and some of the other corners and safeties and they were given me tips during the camp. After a drill they would come up and give me a couple of pointers to help me with my game and I really appreciate that. After seeing all that and experiencing all that I really felt that this was going to be my home for the next four years.

RA: Important question, what do you plan to study?

Lemons: I'm going to major in Business and Entrepreneurship. I want to play football as long as possible and if I can play past my college years that would be amazing. When I'm finished playing football I want to go into the business field.  

RA: What are you doing the rest of the summer?

Lemons: The rest of the summer I have summer workouts up at school in the morning (6:45 a.m.) and then I'm going on a vacation to Florida with my family at the beginning of July. Then I'm going with my church on a mission trip to Costa Rica. 

RA: By the way he will go by Gabriel or Gabe, but seemed to prefer Gabe. Impressive young man.  

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