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Summer FB Stuff: Key Position Battles 4 Fall

We are now hitting the summer where there is no turning back and only looking ahead at the start of the 2017 college football season and a much anticipated campaign for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Here is a look at some of what is ahead here on Go Pokes and Scout.

As we reported the Oklahoma State football staff is done with the camp season and now the members of the coaching staff will alternately be in and out of the office for the next month taking some time off and taking vacation. Each member of the staff has office days and the assistant coaches will come in for allowable (by NCAA rules) meeting time with their position groups. This week, Monday through Wednesday, the staff is on an annual three-day retreat to Grand Lake where the mix recreation and social time with meetings to put together plans ranging from opponent study to practice planning and strategy for Fall Camp which begins on July 30 with report day.

Also, as we've reported at least a couple of times this is a much anticipated week for Cowboys quarterback Mason Rudolph as later in the week he will head to Louisiana and the campus of Nicholls State in Thibodaux for the Manning Passing Academy. Rudolph will be serving as a counselor for the third time and he absolutely looks forward to his time to soak up all he can from the experience and especially being around Peyton Manning, who he has struck up a friendship with.

For Go Pokes, we will have several activities over the rest of the summer when it comes to football. We will be in Frisco, Texas at Jerry Jones' and the Dallas Cowboys' Star at Frisco facility for the 2017 Big 12 Conference Football Media Days on Monday, July 17 and Tuesday, July 18. I believe that head coach Mike Gundy and the Oklahoma State contingent will be in Frisco to meet with the media on the second day and I would anticipate that quarterback Mason Rudolph, wide receiver James Washington, offensive tackle Zach Crabtree, and linebacker Chad Whitener would be in tow. Like I wrote, we will be there and have the media days event covered. 

Also, we will have a continuing series on critical position competitions for the upcoming season and we will start those this week. Below is a list of the positions we will examine:


Left Tackle

Back-up Quarterback

Back-up Running Back

Cowboy Back

Defensive Tackle

Star Linebacker 


If there is something else, another position, that you are curious about, please let us know. 

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