Five questions loom after win over Bears

Are slight injuries taking their toll on key players, namely Josh Fields and Tatum Bell? How good is the OSU D-line playing? And, the most important question for the future: Does the Arkansas win in Austin mean good things for the Cowboys' future?

1. How serious was Fields' knee injury?
It wasn't as serious as it looked. Fields told the Cowboy sports medicine team that his left knee locked up when he threw that first pass in the second half that was intercepted. There was some pain immediately after the injury, but Fields jogged it off and returned on the next offensive series. No, I don't think the brief knee ailment had an impact on Fields' night throwing the football.

2. How serious was Tatum Bell's foot injury?
Bell had to do a nearly complete 360 in the endzone as he was spun around and then fell out of bounds in pain. Bell's injury was a bruised left foot. They did take Bell in to the locker room early in order to x-ray the injury. The X-ray was negative, and Bell should be ready for next Saturday in Dallas.

3. How well is the defensive line playing?
Pretty good right now. Southwest Missouri State had an average of just three yards a play. The numbers don't lie. Greg Richmond had six tackles with a sack. Antonio Smith was all over the field and forced a lot of plays into the arms of other defenders. Smith also had a sack for an eight-yard loss. Tackles Clay Coe and Kyle Hix each had a tackle, but they were really doing a good job of forcing the double teams. Even the young pups got into the act as Brad Girtman had four tackles. It's much better against the run and has an aggressive pass rush.

4. How good was Southwest Missouri State?
They are a Division I-AA team and will likely finish no better than third in the Gateway Conference. They were more athletic as promised, and I think better than Wyoming the week before. There is no doubt they were physical. How about this? When it's all said and done, SMS may wind up being Oklahoma State's best non conference opponent. We know they are better than Wyoming. SMU Lost to Baylor 10-7, and Louisiana-Lafayette is still a little of an unknown.

"I wasn't surprised at their athleticism at all," said OSU safety Jon Holland. "I have played with their running back and everybody on the team knows he is ahard-nosed runner. Their fullback is very tough and physical as well.""
5. What does the Texas loss to Arkansas mean for OSU?

It doesn't mean anything in the standings, but it shows Texas is very vulnerable. The Longhorns couldn't run the ball against Arkansas in the 38-28 loss to the Hogs. Texas also couldn't stop the run. It definitely gives confidence to future Texas opponents. The problem is it may cause Mack Brown to redshirt freshman quarterback Vincent Young, and that is something no future Texas opponent wants to see.

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