Standout Receiver, Cameron Batson, Set to Graduate Early with Honors

Kliff Kingsbury speaks highly of standout receiver Cameron Batson

FRISCO- Former Millwood High School valedictorian Cameron Batson, has continued his academic excellence at the collegiate level. Which is crazy to think about considering how much time and effort goes into college athletics, especially at the Division 1 level in the Big 12. Batson, who's graduating after only three season for the Red Raiders, is graduating with honors in accounting.

"He's been phenomenal. He's what you want in your program." Kliff Kingsbury said about Cameron Batson. "There was a question in the media today about which player on your team could you see being your former boss, and he would be it. He was valedictorian of his high school. Like you said, he's going to graduate in, I think, 3 1/2 years with honors; tremendous, tremendous young man."

Kingsbury continues, "One of the toughest kids we have on our team and one of the fastest kids. I think he is the fastest player we have on our team. I expect him to have a great year. He'll be starting inside this season. He'll be our starting punt returner as well, going into year four of our system. He's been a real leader, and like I said, he's what you want in your program."

It's an understatement that Batson is the fastest guy on the team. He boosts the title of "Fastest Man in Texas" with a 4.3 40-time. But as good as he is in football, of he doesn't make it at the next level, which I think he will, there will be a place for him in the accounting department at nearly every major Fortune 500 company across the globe.

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