Mayes, Pinson talk about SMS, SMU

Quotes from Sam Mayes and Lawrence Pinson following the Cowboys' win over SMU.

Sam Mayes

Saturday, Oklahoma State continued to run the ball well. They boasted two 100-yard rushers for the first time since 1998 thanks in part to great blocking by the offensive line.

"I think we're getting better at it. That's one of the things we're really working on in practice, getting the ball to Tatum, letting him run up the field. Seymore Shaw, we watched him run 60 yards, that's just a great feeling having two backs go over 100 yards. That's a real focus on our team. If we can run the ball that lets Rashaun Woods and D'Juan Woods have an easier time catching balls."

After suffering a close loss to Baylor, 10-7, Southern Methodist will be looking for redemption in their home opener Saturday.

"SMU's a good football team. We're going to Dallas. I don't expect anything else out of them but a hard-fought game. I played against them last year. I played against some good athletes. I expect the same out of them this year.

"I expect another game with two 100-yard rushers. I expect us to go down there and play our game, score however many points we need to score to win the game. We play to play. I'm not gonna take off my game because I think SMU's not gonna bring the quality football team that I expect them to bring. But I think they're gonna bring their A-game. They're a little bitter about their loss to Baylor.

"It's a big, big game for us. It's just another notch in the belt. It's time to go win another football game. We expect big things out of Oklahoma State this year and they're on the road there.

"I just don't think that playin on the road is that much of a focus of this football team. Have we lost some road games, yes. Have we played against some great football teams, yes. Nebraska's a hard place to play. Texas A&M's a hard place to play. Everywhere we go is one of those great arenas to play football in. But I don't expect anything less of my teammates than a victory this time."

The offensive line continues to improve. Against Southwest Missouri State, the Cowboys' offensive line gave quarterback Josh Fields plenty of time in the pocket.

"Pass protection-wise, I think we had a pretty good night. There's still some stuff about technique, about footsteps that we all need to work on. There was a couple of hurries in the game that should not even come close to getting toward him.

"I expect us as a group to have perfect protection every game, perfect footwork, perfect punch. And that's what it takes. Pass protection is just one of those things that has to go. You can't play a good game without pass protection. People see a weakness in that and they will blitz you all day which takes off the pass and takes off the run too.

"I think they're doin a lot better. Kellen (Davis), and especially Corey (Hilliard), they both have a nastiness to them which definitely helps them play better I think. Just because there's always 100 percent effort.

"Kellen's the first on down the field pickin Rashaun up 50 yards down the field. We're all goin, but not at the speed he's goin."

Lawrence Pinson

OSU's rushing defense continued to improve against SMS. The Bears barely made it over 100 yards on the ground.

"This week we focused a lot on stoppin the run, cause last week coach thought that we didn't do an efficient enough job of doin that. We're gettin better now, playin with more technique."

Previously, the Cowboys had some trouble with their run defense, giving up more than 250 yards to Nebraska.

"I don't think it's missin tackles, I just think we've been out of position, but now that we're learning our technique, I think we're playin that a lot better.

"We're startin to learn our assignments, and I think that's why we're doing a lot better job as far as stoppin the run."

A big reason for the improvement is the young players on the defensive front, especially the defensive tackles.

"I think they're doin a great job (up front). A lot of the veterans have been workin with the younger guys and giving them confidence. And with us, we've been helping them with the calls and lining them up. But I think they're doin a real good job of steppin up and playin."

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