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He has some jukes that even surprise his father, Gary Green, Sr., the 1977 No. 1 draft pick for the Kansas City Chiefs. He has narrowed the list down, and two schools seem to be at the forefront...

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How is your season going so far?  It's going pretty good, we're 4-0 right now.  We are ranked in the city.  We are number one on one poll in the city, and number two in the other one.  The second game, we beat (San Antonio) Taft.  We beat O'Connor in the first game, Taft, then Corpus Christi, and then Church Hill.  Church Hill was supposed to upset us, they had them picked as the upset special of the year, and we ended up beating them 45-14. 


Who do you play this week?  We play (San Antonio) Lee.  Our main thing is to get better this week because we've got tough games coming up in the following weeks. 


How would you describe yourself as a football player?  People compare my style as kind of like a mix between Barry Sanders and Gale Sayers.  I have the moves, but I always go up field.  I never slow down or stop to put moves on.  I'm always north and south, but I can make moves.  I'm not a scat-back, it's not like I run away from everything, but I'm not a straight-ahead runner.


How did you develop your moves?  Honestly, it's just and instinct.  I've had moves all my life.  My freshman year, I got put on J.V., and my first game, my first run, I broke a 76-yard touchdown, and I did some moves that my dad (Gary Green, Sr.) said were unbelievable.  He always tells me, I'm the only person that he's ever been surprised with by some of the moves I've made.  He played in the Pros....he played for the Chiefs for his first seven years, and then the Rams for his last two. He was All-Pro seven of his nine years, and made the Pro Bowl four times.


Have you played against anyone this season that really caught your attention?  My friend Otis McDaniel (Taft), he's being recruited heavily.  I went on defense a couple of plays and hit him.  When we play Roosevelt the following week after Lee, Cory Bennett, who is also my friend...he committed to OU, he'll be playing defensive end.  Then, the following week, we will be playing against Yaniv Barnett from Clemens.  He's being recruited also.


Are you enjoying the recruiting process?  Definitely.  I have six offers right now, and it looks like there are some more that will be coming pretty soon.  There has been a lot of phone calls, but I would much rather have the phone calls than not have them. 


Which schools have offered you? Pittsburgh, Kasnas, Wisconsin, BYU, Stanford, and Iowa.  There are a lot of schools that are right on the brink of offering.  It looks like Oklahoma State and Notre Dame will be offering pretty soon.


Are there schools that you are waiting to hear from?  Oklahoma State...and Notre Dame.  Oklahoma State and Pittsburgh...that's where my heart is right now.  Those are the two top schools now, but I'm interested in all of the rest of them.  Those are the two main ones. 


What did you think about the Pittsburgh at Texas A&M game?  That is the main reason that I was going to watch because I wanted to see exactly how their offense was, and how they showcase their running back.  I was impressed. 


When you visit OSU, it will be interesting to compare Larry Fitzgerald to Rashaun Woods.  Larry Fitzgerald is a PLAYER.  Rashaun Woods is good...he's REAL good, but I don't know.  I think Larry Fitzgerald might be better just because he appears to be faster, and a little more athletic.  But Rashaun Woods is definitely a great receiver. 


What do you want to study in college?  I want to be a coach. 


Who are you hearing from at Oklahoma State?  Coach Doug Mallory.  I really like him.  Coach did mention that I might be able to meet Barry Sanders going on a visit.  


What about at Notre Dame?  Coach Buzz Preston.


Pittsburgh?  One of the main reasons I am so interested in Pittsburg is because Coach Deano Babers is the running back's coach, and he is a real nice guy.  He is real personable, and I really like him. 


Have you enjoyed visiting with the coaches from the different schools?  That is basically what stands out as far as the schools that I am real interested in, like Oklahoma State and Pittsburgh.  I can really talk to those coaches and have a conversation that goes deeper than just whether or not they are interested and want me to take a visit. 


What visits do you plan on taking?  I am going to Pittsburgh next weekend.


What about Oklahoma State?  I don't know. I might have to wait until December to do that.

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Gary Green
Ht: 5-9 Wt: 170 40: 4.4
Position: TB, CB
Projected as: RB, CB
Position Rank: NR
Date of Birth: 10/13/1985
Class: 2004 Senior
High School: Madison HS
(San Antonio, TX)


Green returns for his season season after an impressive 2002 in which he rushed for 1,767 yards on 150 carries with 21 touchdowns. Gary is a threat to go all the way everytime he touches the football.

Schools of Interest:
School Interest Level Offer? Visit Date
Iowa Med Interest Yes None
Kansas Med Interest Yes None
Notre Dame Med Interest No None
Oklahoma State Med Interest No None
Pittsburgh Med Interest Yes 10/10/2003
Texas A&M Med Interest No None
Wisconsin Med Interest Yes None

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