Reid talks about visit, sets record straight

So what? Sure, the kid watched a game in Austin, but that doesn't mean he is burning his OSU T-shirts by the dozens. Reid talks about his "discussion" with Mack Brown Saturday, why KSU won't be getting his services, when he is visiting Boone Pickens Stadium and why he may be wearing a crown under his helmet this weekend...

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He is amazed that the football fanatics still follow him with intense eyes and ears – not just because he is a high school recruit, but because he has already made the choice that was supposed to curtail all the "second-guessing" by those who live and breathe college football.


The buzz surrounding Robert Reid's visit to Saturday's Texas-Kansas State game can now take a break. The Galena Park North Shore senior confirmed Tuesday evening that he is still planning on suiting up for the Oklahoma State Cowboys throughout his collegiate career.


Reid said he was a little surprised at how much attention "hanging out with his friends at a football game" garnered within the Big 12 community.


"That's all it was, period," Reid said. "I just hung out, watched the game, and it was cool – that's all."


The 6-3, 220-pound quarterback from Houston said when he planned to attend the UT-KSU game, it was never really for recruiting purposes. Reid made a verbal commitment to OSU earlier this year, and insists he was just taking advantage of the opportunity to take in a game on the gridiron, no ulterior motives present, and he wasn't checking out the other schools in order to go back on his word to the OSU program.


With Reid's four-star quarterback status, it isn't surprising that other schools are still pursuing him. The KSU staff made a few calls to the prospect's home last week, but according to Reid, the things the Wildcat coaches had to say didn't sit well with mom. Reid said his mother told him, "That isn't the place you need to be."


On the other end of the spectrum, Reid's riff with the Longhorn coaches has long been publicized, and on many occasions, Reid said he had no interest in Texas because of the way he was treated during the early stages of the recruiting process. Perhaps the history that lies between Reid and Texas head coach Mack Brown contributed to the confusion OSU fans felt when they learned of his planned visit to Austin. Reid said it was because of that "history" he is glad he took the trip.


"Me and coach Brown talked a little bit, he explained things from his point of view, and I told him what I thought. We had a really good talk, it is safe to say that my ‘beef' with them is old news."


But never fear, the kiss-and-make-up session doesn't indicate Reid's loyalty is swaying to a different shade of orange.


"They know I am firm with Oklahoma State, and they understand that," he said. "I am just glad we had the talk because regardless whether I wanted to go there or not, I don't like conflict and anger. Now there is no anger, none of that."


The bitterness between the two parties may be missing now, however, it wasn't replaced with another emotion from the high school quarterback.


"No anger – but no love either," he joked. "I have a commitment to Oklahoma State. It is just nice to sort of bury the hatchet, I guess."


OSU coaches Joe Deforest and Les Miles were aware of Reid's plan to head to Austin Saturday, and he said he spoke with both of the men separately.


"Coach Deforest wasn't really bothered by it when I told him I was going, he seemed cool with it, but Coach Miles didn't like it too much," Reid said. "I explained to him that I was only going to chill at the game with my friends, and at first I don't think he understood. He had a lot on his mind though."


Reid plans on touching base with the OSU staff later on in the week or early next week.


"I am sure I will talk to coach Deforest soon, we talk on a pretty regular basis – I feel comfortable talking with him."


Over the summer, Reid told us that he was taking his official visit to OSU on Oct. 11. However, the announcement of OSU's 11:30 a.m. Saturday kickoff time has dampered Reid's plans to attend the Cowboys' matchup with the Wildcats. The long drive from Houston to Stillwater puts the trip out of the question, especially since Reid was nominated for the title of homecoming king at North Shore, an honor that also carries an obligation.


"Me and my mom were gonna come, but since I am in the homecoming court, I have to be at the dance – it is required."


According to Reid, he will be in attendance at Boone Pickens Stadium when the Cowboys take on Brown's Longhorns Oct. 18. Another OSU commit, and Reid's friend, Stephen James, will also take in the action.


Other notes:



Sidelined by an illness?


A little under-the-weather right now, Reid is battling severe sinus troubles which forced him to leave Tuesday's practice early at North Shore and head to the doctor. He said he may not feel great, but nothing could stop him from playing in a football game, especially not on homecoming weekend.


"I'll be out there – no matter if I am dying."


Update on college admittance status:


Reid said his mother has done some paperwork for him, and he just needs to complete it in order to apply for enrollment at Oklahoma State for the spring. The high school senior will graduate a semester early, due to hard work and summer school classes he took over the last two years. Depending on whether current OSU quarterback Josh Fields pursues a baseball career after next year's draft, Reid's early arrival will ensure he is on campus and in a position to compete for a starting or back-up quarterback spot during the off-season.


Said Reid about finishing up the paperwork: "My mom has done a lot of it, I guess now it is my turn to start rolling."


Robert Reid 6-3, 220
North Shore (Houston, Texas)

Yet another talented Texan signal caller in what has to be one of the best years for quarterbacks the state has ever produced. With three of our top six and a few others from the state that still have a solid shot at making the EA SPORTS Elite 11, Texas is definitely the place to be when looking for a standout quarterback. Reid is big-time athlete with a great arm and a huge upside He reminds us a lot of Donovan McNabb athletically at the same stage.

As a junior, Reid threw for 1,485 yards and 13 touchdowns while also rushing for 776 yards and 16 more scores. He shows up very well on film boasting a strong arm, great escape-ability and can really run. He has clocked a 10.7 in the 100m and ran a 4.46 in the 40 while jumping 35 inches in the vertical at the Nike Camp in College Station (Texas).

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