Proclamations of a playmaker

Darrent Williams has more than proved his worth to the Oklahoma State football program in past weeks. Williams gives insight to the upcoming battle with Texas Tech as only a true playmaker can...

Cowboy Darrent Williams talks to media Monday


For the first time since the loss to Nebraska, Oklahoma State has cracked into the Top 25 at No. 23.


"We're not worried about that stuff," Darrent Williams said. "That's for everybody else to look at. We know what type of team we are, ranked or unranked. It don't matter to us. We know we've still got challenges in front of us. Everybody's trying to beat us, and we're trying to beat everybody. It's not really a big emphasis on the polls. It's just something for the program to be proud about. But team-wise, it won't change a thing."


Texas Tech's B.J. Symons presents an unheard of matchup for OSU's secondary, having thrown for almost 3,000 yards in only six games. Practice for their scheme will be crucial.


"As a defensive back, we practice every week on one on one's and going against our receivers in seven on seven, working on stopping the passing game. We're probably gonna prepare the same, it's just we gotta have a different scheme. Preparing is the same as anybody else because you know the team's gonna pass, but it's the scheme you've got to play against those guys.


"This is a new thing for me. Kingsbury was good last year. He was putting up a lot of numbers, but I don't think he was putting up like this. They've got a good offensive scheme. You've just gotta have a great plan to go against them. You've just gotta be in the right place at the right time, and just play technique sound and do what you're told. Make sure you do you're your job and everybody else do their job.


"You've got to go out there and act like your man is getting the ball every time 'cause he can. If you slip up in coverage or the quarterback's scrambling and you lose sight of your man, they're gonna find him. They've got a good scheme, and they've got good offensive linemen that keep a lot of pressure off the quarterback. You've gotta be technique sound and stay with your man or you're gonna be embarrassed.


"We're gonna watch some more film to see what kind of tendencies this team has. But you've got to be technique sound and stay in a good position because they run so many different routes it's hard to know which route is coming. "I'm looking forward to the challenge. If you're a defensive back, a corner, and you're not looking forward to a game like this, he shouldn't be playin the position. You know they're going to throw the ball 60 or 70 times. They throw 60 percent of the time, so you go out there thinking any play can be your play.


"You have to be in good condition. We worked all summer and spring to get in shape. We got enough depth, if you get tired, we got a guy to come in and step in to take your position while you catch your breath. You've gotta be in tremendous shape for this game because you know you're gonna get run down the field every play. So, if you're not in shape, it can get crazy. It can get ugly.


"We know this team's gonna make plays, they're gonna score points. The idea is to limit them, to try and stop some most of those big plays. Every team you play against, they're gonna make big plays. Don't get down, just know next time don't make the same mistake twice.


Last season, OSU suffered a 49-21 loss in Lubbock. This year, however, the Cowboys plan to play hard and take home a victory.


"From a defensive standpoint, we didn't play well at all against these guys. We watched film the next day, there was so many little mistakes and guys not playing hard, just going through the motions. We knew if we would have played a little bit better, and given our offense more opportunities, it could have been a better outcome. We've got a lot of things to prove, and we've just gotta have a good game for four quarters. Anything can happen; any team can be beat."

But to beat the Red Raiders, OSU will have to play hard every snap with TTU's ability to score big with little time on the clock.


"Just like this past game, K-State, a couple of guys on the sidelines let down and thought the game was over with. There was like six minutes left and they were talking about like we won. I was like, ‘No, we ain't won yet. Anything can happen. It's a game and anything can happen in a game.' We've just gotta go out there and play cause we know they're a quick scoring team. They can score 21 points in two minutes. They're a big playmaking team. So, we've just gotta go out there and play until there's no more time left on the clock."

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