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With dominant play and a win over Big 12 North power team Kansas State, the Cowboys turned some heads. But, we must ask -- did they earned the respect of the rest of the college football world?

With the win over K-State, did OSU get the respect the fans are crying for?


By Matt Palmer

Oklahoma State made a statement to the rest of the Big 12 and the country Saturday.

The Cowboys came out and proved that they could be just as physical as any team in the country, and that they could prolong that physical play over four quarters.

OSU rushed the ball right down the throat of one of the best front seven in the Big 12 and the country in Kansas State, led by star linebacker Josh Buhl, who now has 98 tackles in only seven games.

Tatum Bell carried 28 times for 143 yards, and Vernand Morency, who burst onto the scene last week with 189 yards, carried for 41 yards.

The Cowboys totaled 203 rushing yards and proved that no one will run them over this year like K-State did last year in a 44-9 OSU embarrassment.

And they did all this with a banged up offensive line ? without center Ben Buie or left tackle Matt Hardison and with all remaining starters except Sam Mayes playing a different position.

The Big 12 has to respect OSU now.

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By Brandi Ball

Saturday, OSU may have proved that it is capable of playing with the adults. However, it takes a lot more than one game to convince some, namely me, that this Cowboy team can still ride into College Station and Norman expecting a win.

Sure, the performance against K-State was something to marvel at. All three aspects of the game were right on track. Offense, Defense and the incredible, immaculate play of the special teams unit sent the fans into a frenzy.

The coaches liked what they saw, too. But by no means are they proclaiming the recent win to be the catalyst that will result in a BCS Bowl draw.

"One game at a time," OSU coach Les Miles said two weeks ago. "The polls mean nothing, the games in the future mean nothing. The only thing that counts is the football game you play this week."

Miles is a smart man. His team may have finally showed its true colors, but by no means is he ready to count the bowl chickens before they hatch. Especially when Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma – the No. 1 team in the nation – still stand in the way of Poke dreams.

Respected, yes. Feared, no. OSU itself has proved that the better team doesn't always win. It could be the year the Cowboys are on the flip side of the coin.

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