MMQ presents: Bedlam veiwpoints

Yeah, we know it isn't Monday -- we haven't lost it (yet). During Bedlam week, we are taking MMQ up a notch, arguing topics that relate directly to Saturday's OSU-OU rivalry rematch. Check back each day this week to find out what the staff has cooked up next...

Is OSU too overconfident about the Bedlam showdown? 





By Matt Palmer


Oklahoma State may have a problem.


While the Cowboys still hold true to their philosophy, "one game at a time," the difficulty lies in the attitude surrounding the game.


OSU coach Les Miles let it fly Monday.


"Next Saturday, two teams are going to play; one is the best team in college football and the other one is a darn good football team. We're gonna play to figure out which one is which."


That combined with his, "They (Sooners) are the No. 1 team in the country, so we're told," statement after the Texas A&M game raises the question.


Are the Cowboys too confident to beat the Sooners in Norman?


Yes, they beat Texas A&M in College Station, Texas, but in an "off" year for the program. The Aggies haven't beaten a decent team all season.


Yes, the Cowboys beat Kansas State and Texas Tech, but they allowed fourth quarter comebacks in both games that almost cost them.


OU is decidedly stronger than any team OSU has faced, and the Cowboys need humility and hard work to get the job done, not inflammatory comments by coaches or players to fuel the opponents' fire.


If the Cowboys reflect that attitude in practice and in Norman, an OU victory is a forgone conclusion.


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By Brandi Ball


While Oklahoma State may be in good spirits after getting off to a 7-1 start this season, overconfidence isn't part of the equation.


The smack-talk has been left up to the coaches of both teams. Ask the players to go on record, and most likely they will give you a textbook response, "OU is a great team; blah, No. 1 in the country, blah, blah; Jason White is a good quarterback, blah, blah, blah." Chalk that up to good advice from sports information personnel.


However, OSU coach Les Miles may be smirking a lot these days, letting out a few snide comments here and there. But, since when did football become the setting for prim and proper gentlemen to kindly shake hands and move on? Never -- and fans shouldn't expect the coaches to adopt that attitude.


As long as it is in good fun and in the name of in-state rivalry -- where personal attacks against student-athletes are absent -- then bring on the Pat Jones mentality. Both Miles and OU coach Bob Stoops have cast a few irons into the already hot stove, but that is what makes Bedlam an event instead of just a game.


All the talk and media attention and the team records doesn't mean the teams themselves are overconfident about anything. The Sooner team is probably quietly shaking in their boots, as are the Cowboys. Both teams control their own destinies, and undoubedly, the 'little brother' has learned from 'big brother's' mistakes.


Overconfidence is suicide.


If the Cowboys fall to the hands of the No. 1 team Saturday, it won't be because they were too cocky about their recent control over the Bedlam Series or because they have a shot to contend for a BCS Bowl. It will be because they were outplayed by one of the best teams in the country.


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