MMQ Presents: Bedlam viewpoints

Monday,'s all the same. Today, we have another special edition of MMQ, and our staff compares OU's recievers to OSU's receivers. Which school will have the edge for the 98th Bedlam meeting? Matt and Brandi discuss...

Who has the better wide receiver corps, OU or OSU?


By Matt Palmer

Oklahoma State can boast, arguably, the best wide receiver in the country in Rashaun Woods, and, yes, the oldest in Gabe Lindsay.

Third on that list is D'Juan Woods, who will be more effective next season.

But, overall, the Sooners may have the most well-rounded trio of receivers between the two schools.

Mark Clayton, Brandon Jones and Jejuan Rankins all have more than 20 catches, and have split duties effectively.

Clayton leads the way with 44 catches for 785 yards and eight touchdowns, not quite Rashaun Woods, but good enough for 13th in the country.

And Jones adds 454 yards to that total, along with four scores. Rankins adds five TDs of his own on 24 catches.

The Cowboys can't boast that kind of distribution because most of the passes head for Rashaun.

While both groups of receivers are effective in their own way, at least in statistics the Sooners have the edge, and that will no doubt mess with the collective mind of the OSU secondary.

The Cowboys won't be able to key on one specific player because all of them can do damage.

By the time it's all said and done, it may be Clayton, Jones and Rankins who are "still open."

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By Brandi Ball

Everyone has heard all the Rashaun Woods' accolades. In fact, there are no explanations necessary when it comes to the top receiver west of the Mississippi. His name speaks for itself, his stats are a given.

But, OSU doesn't only rely on Woods to make the big catches. The touchdowns aren't evenly distributed -- Woods has 11 compared to the mere two TDs his counterparts tote -- but the other orange jerseys filling the receiver slots have made more than their share of big first-down grabs.

OU's Clayton, Jones and Rankins may all have more than 20 catches, but so does OSU's trio of Woods, brother D'Juan and Gabe Lindsay. Okay, Lindsay has 18 receptions-- but it isn't too far off the 20 mark. Woods I, Woods II and Lindsay get drilled in the numbers plenty on Saturdays.

Throw into the mix freshman Tommy Devereaux, and it looks like OU's highly-touted receiving corps is pretty evenly matched by the Cowboys.

However, when a team has tight ends like Charlie Johnson (two TDs) and Billy Bajema (five catches, 62 yards, one TD) and fullbacks like Shawn Willis (six catches for 49 yards) -- it proves the title "receiver" doesn't need to apply in order to be an effective pass-catcher. Even tailback Tatum Bell has six receptions.

But then, if on Saturday OSU finds its receivers are outmatched by the new and improved Sooner secondary, rumor has it that Bell has a "few" rushing yards to his credit as well.

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