Oklahoma State rushed for 283 yards in a 38-21 win over the Baylor Bears. Backup tailback Vernand Morency put together his second straight 200-plus-yard rushing performance, bringing his season total to 868 yards.

Expectations for Oklahoma State's Vernand Morency could reach unheard of highs next season.

Against Baylor Saturday, Morency posted his second straight 200-plus-yard rushing game in a row, becoming the first player to accomplish that feat for OSU since David Thompson in 1996.

"The line did a great job as well as the wide receivers," Morency said. "They don't get that much credit, but they held their blocks downfield. Makes my job a lot easier."

But, unlike last week's 25 carries for 269 yards, Morency used more strength than speed or agility against a stout Baylor team that frequently stacks eight men in the box.

"It's a defense (Baylor's) where they are so very committed to stopping the run, and the idea that we were rushing the football as well as we did on the day really was the difference," said OSU coach Les Miles.

OSU rushed for 283 yards Saturday afternoon, 227 from Morency.

But the game was not in hand until the fourth quarter.

"We understood that this was not going to be just show up, walk on the field and get the victory," Miles said. "We knew this was going to be a very contested game."

But in the final period, the Cowboys punishing rushing game taxed the Bears enough to allow OSU to pull away.

The Cowboys rushed for nearly 100 yards in the final quarter alone.

"Me and Kellen and (the offensive line) just coming off the ball and just smacking them, they're gonna get tired," said OSU offensive lineman Sam Mayes. "If you watch from the beginning of the game, I went from getting five yards push to eight yards push."

After a 170-yard third quarter against Kansas, Morency had 114 yards, including his only touchdown in the second half, a 35-yard score off the right side.

"I consider myself a beast in the second half," Morency said. "For me, whatever I get in the first half is an added bonus because in the second half, we're gonna come out and get you. That's the way I feel, and that's how my linemen feel, too."

But the longest run of the game came in the second quarter. Morency reeled off 72 yards to the Baylor 11, righting a four-carry, minus four-yard first quarter and setting up OSU's go-ahead score.

"I think it was a trap. I was just being patient, just waiting and waiting," Morency said. "In the last second Caleb Noble came across and I just saw the play, so I knew I had him (defender) one on one. I just had to get the job done and I did."

A tough task against a physical Baylor defense.

"That's the hardest hitting game I've ever played in my life," Morency said. "Those guys were hitting."

Still, Morency managed to rumble his way for his third game this season of over 175 yards, bringing his season total to 868 yards and six touchdowns.

But he remains humble about his success in replace of injured starting running back Tatum Bell.

"I just go out there and play hard," Morency said. "Stuff like that, you've just gotta tip your hat to the linemen and the coaching staff for putting the game plan together, and receivers holding their blocks out there."

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