O-State Hoops Update

Imagine my surprise on Monday when I walked into Gallagher-Iba Arena and looked against the north wall on the floor and saw shoulder pads, practice jerseys, helmets, and mouth guards stacked just as football players would stack them. Unfortunately, I had just missed the latest in the Eddie Sutton training methods of trying to make a basketball team play more physical on defense and offense.

The players were told to see football equipment manager T. Joe Breaux on Sunday or Monday early to get the equipment checked out and then at the start of practice on Monday the pads went on. The team went through defensive drills, working on screens and fighting through screens, taking charges, blocking out, rebounding, and diving on the floor for loose balls. All this done in shoulder pads and helmets.

According to witnesses there were some good blows delivered and there were some players that looked out of place in pads. Walk on point guard Maurice Findley showed some good football form hits and the product of Hutchinson C.C. and Buhler High School in Kansas apparently has some football in his background. Either that or he has been watching too much football on television. Reports were he looked good. The Graham twins got after it pretty good and look like they could play some pigskin.

Onye Ibekwe and David Monds were, perhaps, the most comfortable in pads as both played football in high school.

However, the best looking player was 7-2 Franz Steyn. The former rugby player from South Africa has a football physique, just taller. O-State defensive coordinator Bill Clay walked in and watched part of the festivities and word was he wanted to enlist Franz to come play with the Cowboys over on Boone Pickens Stadium.

The experiment seemd to work as the physicallity in practice has picked up for the Cowboys. You may want to feel sorry for NCA Division II opponent Southeastern State, who is next up for the Cowboys next Tuesday.

Practice this week has been catch as catch can because of final exams, but over the weekend the 20-hour week rule goes off with the holiday break and you can be sure Sutton will be making sure the Cowboys don't have a lot of time on their hands, unless they are picking themselves up off the Gallagher-Iba floor.

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