Q&A With O-State Linebacker Paul Duren

RA: How were finals? <BR><BR> PD: Pretty good. <BR><BR> RA: Is this matchup with Ole Miss a lot of fun because you are matched up looking into the eyes of a quarterback like Eli Manning, and you, being a former quarterback have to like that matchup. <BR><BR> PD: You know he has a brother playing in the NFL and his dad played in the NFL, we've watched film on him and he's as good as both of them. This is going to be a big challenge for me and for us as a defense.

RA: What will you look for at the line of scrimmage with Manning?

PD: I always try to look at the quarterback's eyes, see where he is looking off, see where he is looking at the defense and try and figure out where he's going to with the play. I think it will be hard to read him. I'm sure he knows a lot of stuff.

RA: He will be looking at you too. You consider yourself the quarterback of the defense.

PD: Yes, I call the plays for the defense just like a quarterback calls the plays for the offense. I have to look around and see what the quarterback is doing. It's just all with communication. I have to communicate with all the defensive linemen to get them in the right spot with a move call, echo, stuff like that. I enjoy being the quarterback of the defense.

RA: From what you've studied so far, what other threats do you see from this Ole Miss offense?

PD: I think they have a pretty good running game, I think they are underrated. They switch their tailbacks out so often that they are fresh all the time.

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