Q&A with Bobby Reid

A lot has been going through the mind of super-star quarterback Bobby Reid. Other people (schools/media) are trying to put negative thoughts in his head. <BR><BR> Does he really want to end his senior year in December? <BR><BR> Is he too big-time for OSU? <BR><BR> Enter Miles, Gundy and Deforrest into the picture for an in-home visit on Monday night.

How did things go with the OSU coaches?

"It was great. They were here for 3 and half hours. I had like 30 questions and concerns running through my mind and coach Miles answered them and put all my fears to rest in like 10 minutes."

So are you going to enroll for the spring semester?

"It is hard to think that my last day of high school will be this Thursday. I have filled out the enrollment papers. And school starts at OSU on Jan. 12th. I feel so much better about that decision now that I have talked to Coach Miles about it."

Are other schools still calling?

"Ya, coaches from Texas and KSU called last night while Miles was at my house, so did a couple of reporters. I think they are going to stop calling now that my decision has really been finalized."

People have been talking about you taking additional visits. What the status of that?

"I think that I am done with that. Coach Miles really put me at ease about my decision to go to OSU."

What made you want to commit to OSU in the first place?

"They showed me the love right form the beginning and I have always felt comfortable with them. These other schools showed up later, but OSU was there from day one talking about me being a part of their team."

What are your goals for college?

"I want to play in the Big 12 Championship game 3 out of the 4 years I am there."

What was your best play in High School?

"When I took a knee to run out the clock for the state championship. That felt so good. I don't really know how to act, being state champs and all. Our school had never won it before."

Who is your favorite pro quarterback?

"Joe Namath, he was a winner and carried himself like a winner. I love watching old tapes of him."

What are your expectations at OSU?

"I think they are looking to have somebody who can run the option as well as throw the ball, and that is me. It's a good fit."

I hate to add this editorial comment. But . . . though OSU has put themselves in a much, much better place. It will be interesting to see if Bobby can really give up the spring semester of his senior year. He seems to be really enjoying high school after that state championship.

A guy who knows recruiting really well and lots of college coaches told me schools like Texas, KSU and Ohio State are not going to back off and that Notre Dame is trying to get into the picture. Does that mean Bob Simmons may start calling him?

When you are the #3 kid in Texas, schools don't back off.

We'll probably know for sure on Jan. 12 if he enrolls and shows up. Stay tuned.

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