Tatum Bell Q&A

Q&A with O-State Tailback Tatum Bell <BR><BR> RA: How are you feeling? <BR><BR> TB: I'm feeling good, a little bit anxious. I am excited to be back out here practicing. I missed two weeks at the end of the season and I'm trying to get my spot back.

RA: have you though about the fact that Tatum Morency or Vernand Bell could have been in New York at the Heisman ceremony. Put together the yards that you and Vernand Morency have gained and that tailback would have been up for the Heisman.

TB: That's what makes us compete everyday at practice between Seymore (Shaw) and Morency and I. They are either pushing me everyday or I'm pushing them. You can't take any plays off and that makes the running game better, our competing.

RA: Is there a rivalry between you two or is everything easy going?

TB: There isn't any rivalry or anything like that. Each of us is a critic and each of us is a best friend. When one of us does bad, you hear from the other, and when one of us does good then you hear from the other. We each take it, the criticism and the compliments the same way and go out and compete.

RA: I know when you were out there, Vernand wanted to be out there, and then when you were hurt I know you were asking me from time to time how many yards he had.

TB: I just felt like I should have been in there, but it wasn't like I was letting my team down because I knew that "Mo" could get the job done. I just felt like I needed to be out there but that's the way it goes.

RA: Tell me is OSU going to be able to run the ball against Ole Miss? I feel like if OSU runs the ball well then OSU will win the Cotton Bowl.

TB: That's our goal every game to get on the run and stay on it. Ole Miss has a pretty good defense. They load the box up, but we have some things to counteract that.

RA: Did you ever play in the Cotton Bowl when you were in high school at DeSoto?

TB: Yes we played there, but it wasn't a good feeling. It was my freshman year and we lost to Irving Nimitz in the playoffs. That was the only time I ever played there.

RA: Are you looking forward to evening up your Cotton Bowl record?

TB: Yes, I'm ready to go back and play in front of all my family and friends.

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