Q&A With O-State Head Coach Les Miles

RA: It's fun to get back to football. <BR<BR> LM: Yes it is. We've had a break and were a little pensive because we have a good team we have to play. We want to have a good outing at a tremendous bowl site. Then we get a little cool weather and it makes it even more fun to get out here.

RA: I was going to say that this snow piled up on the side may not be as much as you're used to, but it has to remind you of Michigan and Colorado days preparing for bowl games. LM: There's been some times that there has been snow surrounding the fields that I have participated on. I want to tell you our guys have enjoyed this. This was a nice day. The temperature was a little cool, but it wasn't cold and bitter. There was a little energy built up from the time off and the cold temperatures helped a little bit. RA: Does your team understand, after looking at tape, that this is a pretty darn good football team that will be waiting for them in Dallas? LM: This is a very talented Ole Miss team, offense, defense, and special teams. They understand that we are going to have to play awfully well to win this game. RA: The other bonus of a bowl game is the extra practice time and especially with the young players. I noticed you had a scrimmage for the young guys. LM: After the regular workout we had the players that are going to play in the game on one end of the field conditioning and then we got the young players together and took a look at the future of Oklahoma State football. There were some mistakes, but judging from what I saw today from a variety of players the future is bright.

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