DALLAS - Oklahoma State spent Monday visiting with children from the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Head Coach LES MILES and over 100 Oklahoma State players were warmly received by patients and their families. The team was presented with a drawing from twelve-year old patient Arthur Washington depicting "Pistol Pete", the Cowboys' mascot.

The Oklahoma State players and coaches signed posters, hats, and handed out gifts to the children in the atrium of the hospital provided by Dr Pepper Bottling Company of Texas, Bank of America, and Sanford Sharpies.

Head Coach LES MILES addressed the audience, "We are thankful to have an opportunity to come the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital. Their mission to serve the community and to take care of the less fortunate with such generosity is commendable. We come here and are role models to these young kids, we as athletes deal with injury that is temporary; but these children here deal with injury that is long lasting, and for that reason they are role models to us. We are fortunate to have health and being here we will give much but get much more in return. For that we would like to thank you."

MILES continued, "The commitment to the community, the commitment to the environment to help the less fortunate to me really represents Texas and the SBC Cotton Bowl. Our guys get so much out of an opportunity such as this; and is a enjoyable afternoon for our team."

VERNON GRANT (Duncanville, TX) "This is a great opportunity to see kids that do not get a chance to see college players or that can't come to the game. The chance to cheer them up, to give them encouragement to fight through and keep faith in the Lord."

RASHAUN WOODS "It is always great to give back to the community, and reminds us not to take for granted what we have."

XAVIER LAWSON-KENNEDY (Duncanville, TX) "This is a good deal, to spend time with the kids; they look up to us, just like when we were kids looking up to college athletes."

VICTOR DEGRATE "To take time to see these young faces, is such a joy. It never hurts to spend time with these young kids, they are our future, we need to tell them that and encourage them."

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