Visit Somewhat Old Hat

Ponca City tight end Justin Waller has been committed to Oklahoma State as long as nay player in the recruiting class made his official visit to Stillwater this weekend.

"It was kind of old hat in that I had seen everything except the athletic dorm," said the 6-4, 225 pound Justin Waller. "I really wanted to see the athletic dorm and it was nice. Billy Bajema showed me around and he is a cool guy. I also got to meet Charlie Johnson. Those are the guys I will be with the most and I really get along with them. We got to eat at Karsten Creek on Friday and then at the O-Club on Saturday. I also had a chance to sit down and watch some film with Coach Henson (tight ends coach) and also spent time talking to Coach Miles."

Because Waller has been committed for so long and been so firm in his commitment, he said he also found himself doing some recruiting.

"I was recruiting some," said Waller. "My roommate was Roland Terry from Mississippi. He's committed to Mississippi State, but he had a good time on his visit. Ben Buie was his host. I was really trying to talk him into Oklahoma State. He is a big guy, about 6-7."

Waller said he wasn't sure how far he got with Terry.

"I think he's (Terry) considering OSU, but I could also tell being close to home is important to him."

Waller said he also had a chacne to meet some of the other freshmen in his recruiting class that have already enrolled at OSU and are there this spring including quarterback Robert Reid.

"It was a great weekend, and I'm looking forward to getting started."

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