Tony Allen Q&A

Q. What does the win against Texas do for the Cowboys momentum wise? <BR><BR> A. Beating Texas made us come to a point where we know we can play in crunch time in situation. We play well under pressure and that will bring a team together. So, basically that brought us together and that will help us this weekend against Texas Tech.

Q. A lot has been made of the Cowboys perhaps being the best team in the Big 12 immediately following the Texas game, do you feel this is an unfair label at the present time?

A. I really do believe that because the Big 12 is so talented. I just believe that the more we win games and just take it one game at a time all the other things will come. We control our own destination right now.

Q. You and John Lucas have led this team down the stretch, what have you guys been doing so well?

A. I'm just very blessed because I'm playing with a great group of guys and I'm more concerned about the team right now. I'm just trying to get other guys learning that it is more of a team game and we are going to win together and we are going to lose together. So, it is more of a team effort. As far as John, he's been a great leader at the point and knows how to get us involved.

Q. The Cowgirls have more victories against Texas Tech than you do at this point, how do you plan to change that?

A. We need to slow down their game and shut down Andre Emmett. And the more we do that, we have a better shot at winning. Texas showed in their game against them the other day that they are beatable at home, so we have a real good shot if we play our game in Gallagher-Iba Arena. Coach will get us ready for them with his scouting report and from that point, we just have to play our tails off.

Q. What will be the toughest part of stopping Andre Emmett's game?

A. Andre is a good post-up guard and he plays well without the ball. That very fact is what makes him the player he is and that is why he gets a lot of points.

Q. Between Andre Emmett and Tony Allen, who is the better player?

A. Well, of course I'm going to say myself. I think he gets a little more freedom than I do as far as shot selection, but I'm going to get ready for this game and step up. I truly believe that I'm the better player, I just have to go out and prove it.

Q. Are you the best player in the Big 12?

A. I wouldn't say I'm the best player, but I would say that cause a lot of problems on the court. The Big 12 has a great group of players and I'm up there, I feel comfortable going one-on-one with anybody in this league. I fear no one.

Q. How do the Cowboys of this year compare to the team you were on a year ago?

A. Last years' team was more defensively orientated. We had Melvin stepping up, Victor stepping up and myself stepping up, so it was fierce at the defensive end. This year we are exploding on offense and that is helping us. I think our team this year has more overall talent.

Q. Who would win between the two teams?

A. This years' team would definitely win. We have more depth this year and that is helping us out a lot, more fresh legs would make the difference.

Q. What makes this team tougher in the Big 12 vs. last years' team?

A. Last year we had six or seven guys that would play and this year it is up to nine players. I think that we have more different angles to play with this year. I really do agree with that because it was just like when we played against Colorado, no one thought Janavor Weatherspoon would make that big of an impact, but he did because they were focusing on guys like me. The problem with that is that out of the blue, here comes Spoon with 6 to 8 key points to come in and be the difference of the game. Stevie Graham has been coming in lately and I think he is going to wake up soon and start playing some good ball.

Q. When you play Texas Tech on Saturday, whom do you want to guard?

A. I want to guard Emmett because this is a big game and I am a big-time player. I told the guys that I want to go man-to-man with him because I'm not afraid of a challenge.

Q. Can the Cowboys win a Big 12 Championship this year?

A. Right now, we control our own destiny. When we get in our hearts that we want to do that, it is a goal, one of our goals. Once we focus on some of the things the coaches tell us day in and day out, we'll be all right.

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