Dunbar Is Committed To Cowboys

College football recruiting, specifically recruiting in the Big 12 Conference, is hard enough without having to deal with rumors designed to wreck your recruiting effort. The Cowboys head coach Les Miles and his staff are fighting one at this hour.

Sometime this evening it was reported on various internet sites that Chicago radio station ESPN 1000 was reporting that OSU defensive line coach and ace recruiter Karl Dunbar was going to leave for the same job with the Chicago Bears. The radio station said they never reported any story like that. Dunbar is furious especially since he and his family are extremely happy and plan on staying in Stillwater for a long time to come.

"My family and I are completely happy in Stillwater," said Dunbar. We have great friends, a great neighborhood and neighbors, and my wife and children are active in the school and community. Professionally, I couldn't be happier coaching for the Cowboys. I've had chances to leave, but our situation is too good, and Oklahoma State is going to continue making great progress in the football program. I want to be a part of that."

The rumor has left Miles, Dunbar and the staff trying to get in touch with remaining recruits, coincidentally all defensive linemen and all top players, to make sure that they fully understand that Dunbar will be coaching them if they attend Oklahoma State.

Head coach Les Miles was very disappointed with what has happened, and plans on finding the source of the potentially damaging rumor.

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