OSU Baseball Media Day

"We are outside and working hard at it. We are looking forward to getting this thing rolling. Our pitching right now is the biggest focus. You try and get it going as much as possible, but the weather has been our biggest obstacle early on."

On the pitching:

"We have about 12 or 13 guys who will get a chance to pitch, and we will see how that goes. It is basically a survival of the fittest and we will see who comes out on top and gets a chance to pitch. We have some guys who have racked up some innings in the past, and hopefully we will have some maturity from them and get a chance from them to go into the season and having some success. We will also expect them to lead our new guys as well."

On the position players:

"I really like the guys who will be playing the field for us, but the problem is we really do not have any backups so we cannot afford for anybody to get hurt. We have about one extra infielder and one extra outfielder. It does not give us as much of an opportunity to make substitutions late in the game. I really like our position players both defensively and we have some good offensive players returning. These guys will likely play most of the game."

On the defense:

"Baseball is such a consistency sport. We think we are going to be able to hit at a pretty high level once we get to stay outside for an extended period of time, but you have to be able to play defense. I do not care how short the fences are or what the field surface is like, you have to play defense consistently to compete at a championship level."

On the running game:

"We like to run, but if we had nine guys who could hit the ball out of the yard we would just sit there and bang it. We do not have that luxury. We have some guys who are capable of manufacturing some runs, but we are not going to run everybody just to run them. We have a couple of guys who can run and we will do different things to try and put pressure on the other team.

Right-Handed Pitcher Daniel Rew On what he has picked up from Coach Anderson:

"Do not play around on the corners and go after guys early in the count is the biggest thing I have taken from him. I can get ground balls or pop-ups early in the count and save my pitches for later in the game. On his style of pitching:

"I am not a flame-thrower. I have control of four pitches that I can throw at any time. I like to go after hitters. I feel that I know how to pitch and I know how to get guys out."

On catcher Jason Jaramillo calling his own pitches:

"Jason and I work real well together. This is his third year to catch me, and he understands how I like to go after guys and how I like to get guys out. We have pretty much been on the same page every time he has caught me in the fall. He knows what I want to throw and where I want to throw it pretty much all the time."

Third Baseman Josh Fields On what Coach Anderson has brought to the team:

"He has basically just told us that all we can do is to dictate whether or not we give our best effort. You are going to play how you play, but at the end of the day you have to keep your head up. You have to come back the next day and do the exact same thing."

Catcher Jason Jaramillo On having more freedom on the field:

"You do not really think about it, but playing baseball you tend to press a little bit. Ever since Coach Anderson has gotten here he has simplified the game for us. It is just a game and we are out there to have fun. When you have fun you play well. That attitude has rubbed off onto all of the players so I think we are going to be good. I am excited."

On the pitching staff:

"We have a lot of new guys coming in, but the departure of Scott Baker is going to hurt us. You cannot replace a guy like that. I think people will be surprised at the depth we have on our staff. We have some really talented arms and guys like Daniel Rew and Spencer Grogan who are going to lead the staff. I think we will be all right and I am looking forward to the season."

Left-Handed Pitcher Spencer Grogan On the attitude of the pitching staff:

" Attitude and mentality has been a big focus this year. Coach Anderson has told us to go 100% during practice. You cannot let the game get to you mentally. All you can do is to go out there and give it all you got. I have seen a big difference this year with that mentality."

On his confidence in letting Jason Jaramillo call pitches behind the plate: "I have all the confidence in the world in him. He is a great catcher and he has a great mind on him. He has been calling pitches during our scrimmages during the fall and spring. He knows what he is doing back there. He acts like a true professional behind the plate."

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