Dunbar De-commits From Cowboys, Chicago Bound

Karl Dunbar is leaving to become the defensive line coach for the Chicago Bears. The Chicago Sun-Times reported the news in their Sunday edition and I confirmed it through my sources.

Here's the way we've pieced together that it went down. Dunbar was contacted as early as last weekend by the Bears new head coach Lovie Smith that he was interested in hiring Dunbar. At first, we believe, Dunbar said he wasn't that interested. In fact, when the rumor broke on the day before singing day I believe he told Miles and told me along with several other media members that cover Oklahoma State that he had no intention of going to the Bears. I believe that at that time that was the truth. Since then Dunbar has spoken with other members of the coaching fraternity that told him it would be in the best interest of his career to take the job with Chicago. Over the weekend he informed Miles that he now plans to take the job in Chicago.

Dunbar has a desire to someday be a head coach, and his advisors are correct, a move to the Bears and NFL coaching experience would help. The downfall is Dunbar and his family really were happy to be in Stillwater. They were active in the community and Dunbar appreciated that Miles allowed coaches to bring their familiies up to the office and allowed them time to go see their kids in little league sports and school functions. There won't be as much opportunity for that during the NFL season.

Miles will now look to find a new defensive line coach and preferably one that is a dynamite recruiter. He'll enlist all of his contacts to come up with that right guy. You have to trust Miles and the way he has gone about hiring coaches. He hasn't made any mistakes so far in putting together his staff.

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