Part 1of the weekly Rashaun Woods Diary begins

Editor's Note: Rashaun Woods, the two-time All-American wide receiver talks about his last game as a Cowboy in the Cotton Bowl, and what he has been doing since the Cotton Bowl game as he prepares in Scottsdale, Arizona, outside Phoenix, for the NFL Combine and the NFL Draft. Woods will share his thoughts with weekly through the NFL Draft (April 24-25).

Rashaun Woods:

The last game for me at Oklahoma State in the Cotton Bowl was, personally, a good way for me to go out. I would have liked for us to have won the game, but at the same time I was glad to have had the opportunity to play and contribute like I did. It was a good way for me to showcase my skills and help the team. The goal was to win that game and every game, but I'm proud of what we accomplished and what I did to help at OSU.

What I'm doing now is I am working out at a place called Athlete's Performance in Arizona. What I'm doing is trying to maximize my potential, I guess, for the combine so I can be drafted higher than maybe I was predicted to be drafted before. It's going well, and I'm making progress in a lot of areas. It is a lot like two-a-days. You don't get tired from the running. Your body gets tired from all of these drills that we have to do. For instance today we start working out at 9:30. In the morning we work on speed drills, straight ahead linear workout. We have a five-minute break after that workout and then we go lift, primarily working on the bench press. Then we'll come back later in the afternoon at 3:30 and work on side-to-side movements like our 20-yard shuttle, things like that. We will work on leg strength in the weight room. Every day it's a lot like that, you know with a little cross stabilization and core workout mixed in.

There are a number of players that are here with me. For instance, receivers that are here are Carlos Francis of Texas Tech, Jerricho Cotchery of N.C. State, and Roy Williams of Texas. We have several linebackers and defensive linemen. I don't know them too well because they aren't in my group. We have defensive backs DeAngelo Hall from Virginia Tech, and a guy they call J.T. from Montana State. We have a couple of running backs, that big guy from Virginia (Kase Luzar) and (OSU teammate) Tatum Bell. We have a lot of real good athletes.

There is not a lot of free time. After the first workout I will come home, I don't watch television or anything like that. I usually take a nap. That nap is really important for me right now. It's really tough if I don't take that nap before the second workout. The workout is like two hours long and there is no break. I'm focused. I try not to do anything that takes away from what I'm doing. Some guys go out, but I really don't go out. I try to stay home and get my rest and make sure I stretch and try to do all the things that will make me a better player.

I wish I could get back to Oklahoma this weekend for the Oklahoma Tackle Show, but it doesn't look like it is going to happen. It's too close to the combine and I have to make sure everything is perfect. Someone tell Jimmy Houston that I said hello.

It is a little of a nervous time because the combine is so important. When you are trying to establish yourself and begin your life these critical moments can be tough on anybody. What I have to do is take everything in stride and what happens happens. I need to make sure I'm as prepared as I can be for anything I'm asked to do.

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