5 Questions about OSU sports

1. What does this weekend's win against Nebraska say? <BR><BR> The win against the Huskers tells us that this OSU team is tough. If it is not John Lucas or Tony Allen stepping up, Joey Graham and Ivan McFarland will. These four "junkyard dogs" come to play hard every night and fight for the team. Any one of these four can drop 20 on you every night or 36 as Joey showed.

2. What can we expect as we near March?

The Cowboys are playing with a refuse-to-lose attitude and that can carry them far. The Cowboys have the best four team players in the Big 12, if not in the country. Look for the Cowboys to win out the regular season and land at least a No. 2 seed in the NCAA. From that point, anything can happen.

3. How is Julie Goodenough doing as head coach?

In some ways she has improved the team, but in many ways has not. Goodenough has not shown drastic improvement over the past two years and if year three goes the same way, she could be canned. I would say to save her job, the Cowgirls will have to win at least 15 to 16 games next season. Goodenough is a good recruiter though, so let's see how her recruits pan out.

4. What to expect from OSU baseball?

After getting off to a rough 2-2 start, the Cowboys have won its last two games by a combined score of 15-1. Frank Anderson will continue to improve this team, but don't expect the College World Series just yet. The talent level and facilities have declined in the last decade for OSU and Anderson is trying to rebuild that. With Josh Fields, Jason Jaramillo taking shots and Daniel Rew pitching, the Cowboys have a solid core and should go far into the NCAA. Just how far will depend on the team chemistry that was lacking last year.

5. How many games will the Cowboy football team win this year?

Look for OSU to finish about where they did last year. While they continue to be a team on the rise in college football, they still have a lot of work to catch up with Texas and Oklahoma in the Big 12 South. The Cowboys had a great recruiting class, though nothing like the Sooners, but uncertainties at quarterback and wide receiver will hurt them. The big question is "can D'Juan Woods live up to the hype?"

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