Could it get anymore exciting than this. Neck and neck to the finish, and that's just the conference title run. Then ESPN shows up for the last Big Monday of the year in Stillwater, no better place to save the best for last. It all came down to one last battle, one more giant to knock down. This is Maddness!

Neck and neck was the game betweem no. 8 Oklahoma State and no. 10 Texas monday night in Stillwater. The stage was set, and this was for all the marbles. Bobik opens the game with a heart stopping three, his first make in 14 strait misses. And the crowd goes wild. This is the start of something good.

From there is was back and forth. Trading bucket for bucket. Big shot for big shot. Texas was not going down quitely. But Tony Allen made sure that he and his team was going to win this one. Allen's 19 points came at every critical moment in the game. Slashing and driving around the Texas big men proving no obstical for Allen and the rest of the Cowboys. Joey Graham added 20 points much in the same he was effective last time out against Texas. Using his speed and shooting range to get open looks and easy lay ups.

John Lucas was sensational as always. Quiet in the first half, on fire the sencond. Lucas lead the team down to the end with confidence and style. Knocking down free throws in the final seconds and puting the excalmation point on the end with a hand off to Joey for a thunder dunk.

The Cowboys are playing basketball the way Eddie Sutton intended it to be played. The Cowbooys turned up the defense in the second half and shot much better. Could it get any better for Sutton and the Cowboys? Only time will tell. This is one ride no one ever wants end.

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