Rashaun Woods Diary (week 5)

Editor's Note: The two-time All American wide receiver talks about his younger brothers D'Juan and Donovan and the changes that will take place in his life after he is drafted and signs an NFL contract expected to be worth millions.

Yes, it's nice not to be out there going through spring practice because Coach Miles is a guy that believes in getting everything he can out of each practice and get the most work out of his players, so I'm kind of glad I'm not out there. I am still working out and doing everything I need to to stay in shape for what I have coming up. I'm glad I came back and played last season for a variety of reasons, but I wanted to play on a team with my brothers. It was important to me, and this is why. Everyday when we went out to practice they were able to see me first hand. They were able to see what it takes to be the kind of player that they want to be. I considered that part of my job to not only play and help my team win games, but from a brother standpoint to help lead thim in the right direction of where to go.

 Now my world has obviously changed quite a bit, and I'm not out there. Basically, they know it's going to take work and work ethic to be successful on the football field. Right now it's a lot of mental effort too. Now when they get home I like to talk to them about what they have done. It's so important from a football aspect for them to understand mentally you have to have the game down pat before you can excell. It's real important right now.

 We all have different personalities. It's a part of being in the same family but being different people. One thing that we all know is to never lay down. When you're in competition, situations where you have the opportunity to excell, it's one thing that we all have in common and that's to excell well. One thing I tell them and kind of motivate them with is when you are competing against somebody, whether it's one of your teammates like Donovan is really involved in right now or an opponent, you make sure you come out on top, come out a winner. One of the biggest things with all of us as athletes is that when the chips are down and it's time to show up, we've all shown up. That's what makes a really good player, not how fast or how strong he is. There are a lot of guys with a lot of athletic ability and they're able to do a lot of things, but for some reason mentally they are unable to get the job done. One thing about my brothers and I is that our mental game is so strong we can just will ourselves to do certain things. They are both young right now, and I'm anxious to see them continue to play and improve.

 What I've told Donovan about the quarterback competition is the you win the job or win the respect of other players before spring even starts. What you do in the off season or what you learn off tape, getting throws in, or whatever it is you need to do to be ready to get that jump start is very important. Those are the things that carry over, and the more you practice and the better you do the more confidence that you have. That's a big stepping stone. Both of my brothers have done what they need to do to succeed.  What a lot of people don't realize about athletes and about what I'm about to go through is that when athletes go professional and start getting paid for what they do, obviously they are put into the limelight a lot more. To be honest with you, guys who are put in that situation and can't handle it are guys that couldn't handle it when they were in college. The only different is they weren't in the media as much and you didn't know about those things and may not have known what kind of person he was. It's not a big change for guys that are heading down the right road, and for guys that are doing the right thing and will continue to do the right thing it's not a problem. The players that I've always been around have always been the same guys, it's just they didn't have any money to do those kinds of things That's life, can you harness the gifts that God has given to you and go in the right direction with it. It's tough, to be in the limelight and have that kind of money, but I believe people are the same. If they were going to do wrong things they they will continue and the same with guys doing the right things. I believe the momey and the microscope change, but the people don't.

 The same guys that are having women problems and other problems that I don't even care to talk about they have the same problems they had in college. It's just that people are looking at them more because of money and that they are playing in the pros.  Being at Oklahoma State and being an icon like I was has helped me present myself and project myself the way I feel I need to be. All my life experiences have helped me become the person that I am.

Rashaun Woods Diary (week 5)

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