Sean Sutton On The Big 12 Championship Game

We spoke with Sean Sutton after the Texas win over Kansas about the Big 12 Tournament Championship Game and about the Cowboys semifinal win over Texas Tech. <BR><BR> OSSR: You called the switch late in the first half from the man defense to the zone. Did you realize it would have the success that it did?

Sean: We just didn't have any answer for their motion offense early. It seemed like they were scoring every time down the court. We were having a difficult time with Emmett. Tony was getting worn out trying to fight through all the screens that Texas Tech sets. We thought we could change to our zone for a couple of possessions and see how Tech responded to it and how our player performed with it. I thought it changed the whole complexion and the whole tempo of the game. I thought they got a little stagnant. I thought our guys picked up their energy level. We havn't played it a lot this year, but it is something we work on in practice 15 or 20 minutes at a time just in case we need to get in a situation to play it.

OSSR: When your guys need momentum they certainly know how to make a play, usually defensive and that keys a huge bucket on the offensive end. Then Daniel Bobik came up big with some threes.

Sean: He it the big one just before halftime and that put us up 12 and that was really a big momentum play. They got it chipped away to five and we got the ball and McFarlin whipped it out to him and he got a three to put us up eight points. When he shoots the ball well then we are a really good offensive team. He is somebody that we need to keep playing well and hit some shots. I thought his defense yesterday was better than it had been the last couple of weeks.

OSSR: They say it's tough to beat a team three times in one season, but I'm guessing you are not telling your guys that?

Sean: We havn't even discussed that with our players. It's been done a lot of times. People say it's difficult, but it's difficult winning a conference championship. It's difficult to win a tournament championship. We knew that we were going to have to come in here and play well. We beat a good Iowa State team and beat what I think is a really good Texas Tech team. We're on a roll and we've won a lot of games. I think Texas is a good matchup for us, Certainly, we're going to have to play well.

OSSR: In facing Texas you are going to see Brandon Mouton again. Tony Allen had a great defensive effort in the win over the Horns in Stillwater.

Sean: I think he held him to six points. Mouton is the kind of player that can get on serious role. We saw that yesterday in the Kansas-Texas game. We saw that yesterday in the Kansas game. He hit some big shots in the Oklahoma game the other night. m He's ome of the best offensive wing players in the Big 12. Tony is going to have to do a similar job and limit the shots Mounton gets.

OSSR: What are the keys to beating Texas.

Sean: I think you start with rebounding. The thing that we pointed out to them in the last game back in Stillwater was it was the difference in the game. We outrebounded tham in Stillwater. We outrebounded them in Austin and back in conference play and say anything. That's why we put those helmet and shoulder pads on. We were thinking down the line to matching up with Texas and how physical they are. Rebounding is one of the keys. I think it is the number one key. Another is getting back in transition. We can't give them a lot of open threes and layups Our post defense has got to be good. . I think Klotz has really developed into one of the best low post players in the league. They have five guys that they rotate run in and out. Obviously, we can't get into foul trouble.

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