Josh Fields Q&A

1. Do you feel you're in shape yet or do you still need some time to work out? I feel pretty good. Of course there's a lot more things I can do but I feel pretty good right now.

Josh Fields Q&A

2. Are you in better shape now than you were this time last year? Oh yeah, without a doubt. Our whole team is a lot better than we were last year this time. But, yeah, personally I feel a lot better.

3. What is your outlook for this season? I think we're going to end up good. Right now, we are struggling in different ways but we're still getting used to our new coach and getting used to each other. I think it will end up good.

5. Do you like your new coach? Yeah, he's awesome. We're just getting used to his ways. All coaches have different ways, so we're just getting used to that.

4. How far do you think the team will go? I definitely think that if we come around like we could we should go pretty far. This is actually one of the teams that could possibly make it to Nationals, and we know that we have good players. It's just playing good at the right times and having some breaks falling your way.

5. How do you prepare before a game? In baseball, you have so many games you have to chill out and try to have as much fun as you can. In football, you can get all cranked up and crazy before a game. But in baseball you have to chill and hang out, sit around with your buddies before the game, and then go out and just have fun.

6. Do you have any rituals? We have a bunch of stuff that we do as a team, it's kind of cool. We do a bit of running and stuff. Since I'm #13, I have a bunch of four-leaf clovers and stuff. I have a big one up on my locker that I touch, and the rest of team also touches before we go out and play.

7. Do you have any expectations before the beginning of each season or do you take it one game at a time? Of course we have to have expectations. But you have to take it one game at a time too just b/c there are so many games. If you get made b/c you have one bad game then it will lead to a bunch of bad games. You have to forget about your bad games and move on with it, and hope you get better.

8. Is there more pressure for you to perform good when you were named a preseason All-American? It's kinda hard b/c you just wanna go out and have your best season that you've had so far without being recognized. There is really no pressure b/c my teammates help me out a lot. They take the pressure off just by cutting jokes and having fun with it. They'll make fun of me every once in a while. If I strike out, I'll get mad and they all say: "Preseason All-American have to get a hit all the time" or something like that. But it's kinda cool. At first, I thought I have to get a hit all the time but now I kinda settled into it and just play.

9. What are some of your personal goals this season? My personal goals are to just try to keep my team goals in my site, and not get my personal goals too much in my head b/c when you start thinking too much about yourself, that is when you'll start doing bad or you'll start making trouble with the team. All of us need to keep our team goals in our heads, rather than think about what we're doing individually.

10. What are some of the closest people to you on the team? My roommate Jason Jaramillo. Whenever you live with somebody on your team, it's always a different experience. We are at home ragging on each other, bragging who got more hits, and there's always competition- even when you go home. I think it makes us both better though. All the guys I came in with- Aaron Whitehead, and the guys from last year- Scott Kirby and Mario Matulich, we've got to know each other pretty well and we're all pretty close. That is why I like this team so much b/c we're all close. It's a cool feeling b/c we can all hang out and still go out and be teammates.

11. What do you like to do in your spare time? I am a big jock. I like watching other sports. My mom is a basketball coach and I go to watch her games. My little brother wrestles, so I watch him. I like swimming.

12. Do you feel fortunate to be able to be in the position of being an important part of your team as well as the opportunity of being drafted high? I don't think I've been lucky. I think I've been blessed in certain areas and I've had people along the way, such as my parents and certain coaches that have thought me a certain work ethic. I think I've been pretty lucky to have them to tell me how to work hard. I feel very blessed to able to be named preseason All-American, be at Oklahoma State, and having a good time. Sometimes I'll think I'm going through the worst time and I look at what's going on overseas, and I think: "Man, I could be fighting right now, but I'm getting to play football and baseball instead, and attend school." You always have to keep a level head and keep your perspective straight.

13. What teams would you possibly like to play for in the major league? I don't have any teams in particular. It's always been my dream to play pro baseball, but I've never liked certain teams b/c I figured whoever picks me up I'm gonna like. It's kinda like the way it happened with college. Whoever gave me a scholarship that is who I was going to like. 15. What is your position on the draft? I really have no say when it comes to the draft. I don't know if I'm gonna go. It all depends on if they draft me high or if they draft me at all. I'll definitely look at it a lot closer. But right now, I'm 21, having fun in college, being with my friends. I'm just trying to enjoy it right now.

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