Rashaun Woods-Workouts, Fishing and Basketball

Each week leading up the NFL Draft we are talking with Oklahoma State two-time All American wide receiver Rashaun Woods. Our conversations with Woods have taken us from the NFL Combine to Wood's thoughts on moving toward his pro career and his free time doing what he loves most, fishing.

Rashaun Woods    

I think the basketball team is really doing a great job and I think they have a really, really good chance of winning the whole thing. I think some of the keys are that Tony Allen and John Lucas continue to have strong games. I think the guys other than those two really step it up to make a difference. They've just made me proud to be an Oklahoma State Cowboy. I'm very proud of those guys.    

I remember being in Gallagher-Iba Arena on that Big Monday game when I made my announcement that I was going to stay for my senior season. That's the great thing about Gallagher-Iba is it really gets loud, and on that night it was really loud. I've been to a lot of basketball games where I couldn't even talk to the person next to me. Being in Gallagher-Iba on that day and making the announcement the way I did was a great memory for me.   

A lot of the guys including myself consider Oklahoma State to be one of the great experiences of my life, and you want to come back to a place where you've had great experiences. I want to go back and see how my school is doing just like the guys did before me and just like the players will in the future.   

Right now I'm just styaing in shape leading up to the draft. I come up to Gallagher-Iba every day and work out for a couple of hours. I lift and run doing the program that I used to get ready for the combine, just not as intense. After I finish the workout I go fishing or do something else I enjoy. I'm just trying to stay in shape and enjoy the time I still have around Stillwater and my family before the schedule picks up. I've paid attention to what is going on in the league. Obviously, the free agency is really going to help shape how the draft goes. Which teams pick up which players will help decide who they draft. I think the teams that sign a lot of free agents will see who they get and evaluate what they need and then go get it in the draft.   

(We asked Rashaun how he sees himself celebrating his touchdowns in the NFL)   

I honestly don't know. It will have to be on the spur of the moment because I'm not a big guy to celebrate excessively. I might spike the ball now and then or pump my fist. That's just the nature of the individual. I'm not going to celebrate exceesively. I might point for a first down or soemthing like that. I know it can fire the guys up and I'm just out to have fun. That's basically how to look at it, just have fun and do your job. If I were going to celebrate any of my college catches it would have been 2001 and 16-13. That's the one catch I would have liked to spike the ball.   

(We asked Rashaun if setting the touchdown reception record against SMU with seven was as easy as it looked)    

Honestly, against that defense the way they played it was easy. It took effort, but at the sametime Josh put the balls where I could get them and the line did a great job of giving him time to throw the ball. I was able to get a position everytime and when you can execute like that it does become easy. I was shocked that they kept playing me the same way. If they choose to do that it's a game and you can't feel sorry for them. If they could have done it us they would have done it. The situation for that record to be broken will be very tough, that record should be in the books for some time.  

The fishing has been real good. I was at the lake last week on spring break and I couldn't get any reception on my phone, so I couldn't call and no one could call me, and we were able to catch a lot of good fish and ate deer meat the whole week. Now I'm ready to watch the Cowboys in basketball starting tomorrow night.

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