Quarterback Q & A with Miles, Woods, Reid, Pena

OSSR: How do you see the quarterback race right now with six workouts left to go this spring? <BR><BR> Miles: I think it is good, there are a number of guys there that are showing skill and ability and will have the opportunity to play significant snaps in the future. <BR><BR> OSSR: What should we read into the fact that Donovan Woods gets the first snaps with the first team offense?

Miles: I think, first it's seniority, but then there is also some talent that goes with that. He has to hold that spot. It might also be the starting of the order, but the order is a steadfat one and one that will play out to give equal reps.

Donovan Woods

OSSR: How do you feel about the competition at quarterback?

Woods: Definitely, competition makes you better. I'm thankful that we've got a lot of competition to make me better and me make Bobby better, and Bobby make Pena better. It's helping us all quite a bit.

OSSR: Is the competition between the five of you cut throat or are all of you hemping each other out?

Woods: It's not cut throat, all five of us quarterbacks are real nice guys and come from real good backgrounds as far as I know. It's not a cut throat deal, we're all helping each other a long, but we all understand what's at stake.

OSSR: Does being the third brother to go through the program help in that you've seen your two older brothers go through competing for a starting position?

Woods: Sort of, but until you experience it for yourself, you really can't relate to it. They had different experiences and I'm having different experiences than they had. It is, but it isn't. I know it is different at another position, especially quarterback. Wide receiver doesn't go through a lot of things the quarterback goes through.

OSSR: You are getting the first reps with the first offense. Is that significant right now?

Woods: If it's that way at the end of the spring or when we take the field against UCLA then maybe you can read something into it then, but right now I don't think it means much

Robert Reid

OSSR: How is spring football going for you?

Reid: Right now, I feel alright. I'm still learning and stuff. The way I'm playing I'm just going with the flow. I was just doing what the coaches tell me to do and then go out and execute to the best of my ability and giving the ball to my teammates and letting them make plays.

OSSR: Everybody wants the job, but how friendly is the competition in practice among the quarterbacks?

Reid: We all are battling for one position, but we are all helping each out. We're not trying to kick each other when we are down. Everybody makes mistakes, but we're all trying to help each other correct those mistakes so there are as less mistakes as possible.

OSSR: Is college football what you expected it to be?

Reid: It is exactly what I expected it to be. Everything is fast. I'm trying to remember things. There are so many things that you have to remember at one time.

Al Pena

OSSR: How do you feel you are playing right now?

Pena: I think I'm playing alright. I'm picking up the offense. Little by little just picking up little things there and getting experience. I still have a ways to go.

OSSR: Does having your dad as a high school coach help you out?

Pena: I've been around it all my life. I'm used to the hits and the speed, so with my dad just talking football all the time knowing the defense, knowing reads, and stuff like that it really helps.

OSSR: Are you more comfortable than you were at Georgia Tech?

Pena: I think I am because when I went into Georgia Tech it was a hard situation just like Reid is going through, coming in a semester early.

OSSR: How cut throat do you see the competition being between the five quarterbacks?

Pena: I think we are all going through the same things, and we are all making the same mistakes. When we're over there on the sideline and we see a mistake made we talk to each other and try to help each other out. At the same time we are competing, but also trying to do the extra things, all of us are. I think we all have a pretty good relationship.

OSSR: How do you view the quarterbacks you are competing against?

Pena: Well, Woods and Reid are very athletic and they can make a good play out of a busted play. That's the main thing I see out of those two. Jamie Beeghley throws the ball well and he is the best of us at knowing the offense. Mike Friess is a good quarterback too.

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