Q & A With Sean Sutton From The Final Four

OSSR: We've already heard a lot about it. The cell phones are gone from the players. Talk about that decision. <BR><BR> Sean: It's something that we've done all year on the road, at 10:30 when we go check their beds we take the cell phones away. We give them back to them the next day after the game whether it is a day game or a night game.

That way there are no distractions from the time they go to bed until they play the game. Here, they've had them and then we've taken them away. Today they don't have them right now. We took them last night. We'll give them back to thm tonight after dinner and then take them back at bedcheck. If somebody wants to see them we have a foyer on our floor where they can meet after we have a one hour study hall tonight. Then after they see their families for an hour and a half, we'll again, take the phones back.

OSSR: Does this Final Four seem different than the one in 1995 to you, especially now that you are here?

Sean: It does, mainly because I was 25-years-old the first time it happened. You know, you get overwelmed a little bit by everything that goes on. As a staff, we are more prepared this week to handle things, and, maybe, I've appreciated this one more because of his (father) age and it is so hard to get here. At 25 I thought there would be other chances, and, maybe, this will be my last chance. At the sametime, we've been very focused and I feel we've done the things that we need to in order to be successful tomorrow night and, hopefully, on Monday night too.

OSSR: Okay, what about Georgia Tech?

Sean: I think they have teriffic perimeter players that can break you down. They shoot very well from the three point line. Probably, one of the few teams that we've seen this season that can match our speed and athleticism at almost every position. It's a game where they have a lot of offensive weapons. In many ways they are similar to us, they don't rely on just one guy. They have four or five guys that can jump up and score big. Because of that they are a hard team to defend. because you just can't concentrate on one or two guys. Defensively, we've been very impressed at how hard they play on that end of the court. They do a lot of switching. They are a very good team. You win at Duke, beat North Carolina on a neutral floor late in the season, beat Connecticut early in the season, and best Kansas last week to get here in what was really a home court atmosphere for the Jayhawks. That is a good team. They have as good a chance as anybody that is here.

OSSR: Which of those wins impresses your players the most, Duke, UConn because they are here or maybe, Kansas because your players know the Jayhawks so well?

Sean: I'm not sure it matters. Our guys really have high respect for everybody that we play. When you get to this point in the season, just like last week, they had great respect for Pittsburgh and then St. Joseph's. All of our guys like basketball, so they see these teams play on TV throughout the season and they know how good they are and how well we have to play to win.

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